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MS and vaping


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Moved from Idaho (Medical MJ hell) to Oklahoma when I retired.
Stopped my MS drugs last year (my Neurology doc and I had discussed this .. immune systems tend to relax a bit as we get 'old')
What a culture change!
There are dispensaries everywhere, and I now have my med card.
It really has helped.
I don't have MS, I'll first say.
But I do have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder) and a whole host of other chronic pain conditions and issues.
I am currently residing in Australia, and I am on the Medical Cannabis program here. I'm 27 and a female btw.
I find it helps A LOT, and I am able to function a lot closer to the "human" level 😅
If I didn't have it, I think my functionality would be a lot lower tbh, and vaping it is the only way really, I wouldn't want to smoke it at this point in my life.


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I don't have MS either, but all thru the 90's I really enjoyed hooking up my neighbor at our beach house in southern Maine when our paths crossed every summer with some of my primo homie (Skunkbud #1, Big Bud, pure indys etc grown outdoors) that I reserved just for HER. Her dad, that owned the place was even a Texas Supreme Court Judge! Ha! But honestly, it did a lot for me, too, in morally justifying the path I had chosen at the time.... Man, I wonder whatever happened to them...? It was like a MIRACLE!💕:peace:
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