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Hey vapeape,

Yes! The idea of giving smokers non-combusting alternative that they were comfortable with was an initial goal. In our research & discussions with lots of users (burners), they just don't want the complexity that they feel comes with vaping. One of our goals was to create an instrument that could work in a way that is familiar to them, but deliver a non-combusted hit.

We're producing a simple tutorial on technique, we're calling "Heating on the Curve". We had the opportunity to share it in written form with 4 new users last Thursday, all of whom sent us emails quickly afterwards confirming how easy it was for them to get their technique once they had read the tube. For us, that's the holy smokers a technique that's quick and logical and doesn't ask too much of them to get a good, solid hit repeatedly.
Appreciate the reply!

Yes many vapes on the market might look similar to toking, ie look like a one hitter, but the process is much different. This one seems spot on, or at least as close as you can get.

Of course I’ve yet to try, but very interested…. I think Im putting my sister down for one as a Xmas gift.
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I would like to try one but I would like to buy in EU to avoid import taxes. So I guess I will have to pass now and wait for a future EU seller


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Do you guys think using a permanent match would be recommended? I've always wanted to use those things for smoking but I don't know if it will effect the taste with this vape. Those permanent matches use the traditional lighter fluid.
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