Looking for gift ideas for a friend.


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As the title states, I'm looking to get a gift for a friend who smokes recreationally. We smoke together but tend to bring/smoke our own stuff. We don't share often mostly due to differents in taste. He just purchased a Crafty+ and bubbler for it, but he vapes when out in public. He uses an EVOD VV that "technically" belongs to his wife, but she isn't much of a smoker.

What I was maybe thinking was maybe something to replace his homemade bong make from a straw and water bottle, something to replace the EVOD, or maybe a tray for grinding. My price point is around $100.



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Look at the raw boxes. They are nice wooden trays.

Or a nice rolling tray with a water piece would be good. Check out sneakypetes store.
I am not sure where you are located, but there are a lot of good glass options in the cheap glass thread:

Start on the last page and work backwards. If you are in the US, you probably will have to avoid dhgate for it to arrive in time Xmas. Calibear and TAG are good options. Also you could consider a nice j-hook. I have a nice sidecar one from Oregon Glass Blower that feels like a luxury item, still under your price point.

A premium grinder is also in budget. The Brilliant Cut Grinder and the Flower Mill are both great, but you should probably check what they have in stock before ordering. BCG is not likely to be available before the holidays.

I suspect other folks will have good suggestions, especially for replacements for your friend's vape pen.

Good luck!
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