How the "Best Of" threads work. Post nominations here.


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Nom. for Best of VC

Edited to add: I know posts are sequential date-wise, but this post really should be the very 1st post in the best of thread because it gives an overview of what the vapcap exactly is. This is the perfect 1st post for a newbie to read. So, if there some way you can fanagle the system & place this as 1st post it would greatly appreciated.
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Sorry, Mods, 2 posts up -- did not realize that this post had already been added to the Best of VC. I'll be sure to check next time. ;)


I don't have any nominations for a Pax thread, but there needs to be a best of for the Pax as it is a difficult item both to use and to clean and care for.
Never had a problem with my pax 3 from day 1. Biggest issue is getting screen out.


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I also would love to see a best of Tinymight comments thread and nominate this awesome teardown by @JoeKickass:



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I vote for creating a “Best of” thread for Tinymight vaporizer.
And to add this post to such thread:
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