Honey made from Everclear tincture-HELP!


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After consistently using this forum as a reference for multiple projects I have finally joined up and need some expertise.

I made a tincture with decarboxylated bud trimmings and Everclear. Then added honey and in a double boiler cooked off the alcohol. err- well, attempted to cook it off. I am left with a thinner, syrup like honey that has a little burn to it, I could put it back in the double boiler [and I may..] but it's not a disaster as I often stir a teaspoon or two into my tea and can't really taste it then.
The issue is that my honey has separated into two layers, the bottom appears to be nice clear honey, the top is dark green and opaque, can't tell if there's a difference in thickness. I keep it in the fridge and it pours easily. Before use I have been shaking it up and the result is a cloudy green honey.
The effect of a teaspoon is a full body relaxation with very little headiness, great for relieving pain and day to day activities. It is not pleasing to the eye or palate and I'd really like to be able to make something closer to what I've had before- clear golden honey of honey consistency with a slight herby flavor and the same potency I achieved.
What did I do wrong?/How can I make this better?

Thanks in advance!


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Hmm... not sure what to tell you here, may search around for people who've played with medicated honey.

I've made glycerin tincture many times though it works very well and tastes like weedy honey :D Doesn't separate into layers.


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I love honey, buy raw honey by the gallon.
you may want to check the Denver craigslist, search for MMJ/honey as
someone had THC infused honey for sale. Maybe they would share how they
make it. It was in a plastic honey bear and looked very dark.
good luck and please let us know if you fins the "secret"

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Tough to say from a distance, but it seems like it would be tough to evap alcohol from a medium as viscous as honey? The thinner, clearer layer = alcohol? This sometimes happens when people attempt to make vacless shatter w/o a proper purge. It will be mostly amber glass, but here and there you will see totally clear chunks. Not sure if this is the case for you, just a possibility.

If I were to try this, I would use as large a surface as possible (= thinner layer of material) to assist in allowing the alcohol to escape. Also, if possible raw honey made locally is way better for you. It has many health benefits, most notably, helping w/ allergies.


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i don't think your reducing the honey enough. honey needs to boil in order for it to become thicker and putting it on a double boiler doesn't get hot enough. maybe getting the honey and tincture to the consistancy you want separately and then adding the two is the way to go?
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