Helped another friend buy their first vaporizer 👍


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It's a longer read, but the details are interesting and wanted to share...

It's great to help people fc. I have a big cannabis combuster and friend who's gotten used to and comfortable with vaping through our small group of friends over the last few years. It's to the point now that my friend even developed a routine, and has gotten to enjoy and prefer low temp vaping & temperature stepping (over just going with high temp full extraction). They've gotten into vaping 4 sure. With that and black Friday sales coming up, about a month ago I began to suggest to my friend that they finally consider picking up a vaporizer for cannabis for themselves, be heathier and stop smoking. My friend was interested.

They wanted a portable vaporizer, plus battery operated for temp stepping style vaporizing. Cost was important, so black Friday sales were important as well. A week or two back, I specifically and first mentioned the Arizer Solo and Air electronic vapes, showing product info and some YouTube video reviews. I thought they were a good place to start as Arizer products are typically 50% off on Black Friday, and they are good value without being overly expensive. After that, we discussed buying a vape, prices and options a few times more in the run up to black Friday.

Flash forward to yesterday, black Friday, and my friend came over saying "let's get me a vape" :tup: I showed them the Arizer Solo 2 and Air 2 again, with more reading and watching YouTube reviews. The actual use and more perspective were helpful. My friend is familiar with the Crafty & Mighty as well and we discussed those vaporizer options. I stressed the point that any vape recommendation should depend on the specific preferences, wants and needs a person has (and everyone's different). It was more helpful to learn my friend also wanted good product support, good reliability, simple cleaning, a swappable battery, a large chamber and basic concentrates ability (pad or cotton) in their vaporizer. For good product support (and being in Canada), I didn't suggest any inexpensive Chinese vaporizers, nor rare or more unique (pricey) small-company portable vapes to him, and kept it simple. I focused on identifying US and Canadian vaporizer companies and products with a reasonable track record.

After digesting their "wants" list, I then thought of and mentioned another vaporizer option... and something completely different :sherlock:. I went outside the box, suggesting the Davinci IQ2 as an option. It's a conduction style electronic vaporizer instead of convection (and they were only familiar with hybrid or convection vapes). I detailed the basic advantages and disadvantages of the IQ2 and conduction vapes... then showed some product information, review articles and YouTube review videos. The IQ2 did seem to hit all my friend's wants and priorities pretty well. The price of the IQ2 was not cheap and budget was important, however with vapes you very much see you get more when you pay more. And a nice black Friday discount would make all the difference with a premium vaporizer/price. In looking at the IQ2, it turned out my friend really liked the ultraportability factor, so that ended up being an important factor too. And as a fellow owner of an ultraportable vape, I agree :nod:. My friend also liked the high tech aspect and features... as well as the quality materials. All these things further cemented their interest in the Davinci IQ2.

In on-line price shopping, the black Friday Davinci IQ sale in Canada was/is pretty impressive, with a small number of official sellers offering ~30% off, for about a $100 discount (<$270 CAD). That sealed it, and my friend ended up ordering the Davinci IQ2. The IQ2 comes in a number of appealing colors, but in the end discreteness won out and onyx was selected.

So far so good 👍. It should take a week or so to receive. And as mentioned, this will is my friend's first vaporizer (their own Christmas gift
. I was happy to help as well as provide objective and neutral feedback as well as experience. I hope it goes well and is a great success.

This will be the first Davinci and conduction vaporizer among our small group of friends.

Everyone is welcome to share their own success stories here with helping friends buy vaporizers and doing the fc thing! Cheers to all those helping others.

:peace: :leaf:


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My combuster friend picked up they're new Davinci IQ2 vaporizer on Monday... and first vape. Here's the recent feeback, in hand and with use. It's very good :nod:
My friend picked up their IQ2 Monday from an excellent Black Friday sale. Brought it over here this weekend. So far so good :clap:. TLDR below - we both definitely highly recommend the IQ2 vaporizer.

New owner experience detailed with the IQ2 so far, and mine as well, for the IQ2 community here.

My combuster friend with the new IQ2 from Monday has only combusted once since then in the last week, all since vaping; that's already impressive success 🎉🎆.

And over time with more and more use, the new owner has been impressed with the IQ2 vape as they have been dialing in methods, settings and techniques. I was able to try the IQ2 as well and we were both really impressed with the flavors when the IQ2 is clean. It's the first conduction vape picked up among our group of friends.... with all the other electronic vapes being quality units that use either hybrid or full convection designs... (portable and desktop vapes too)

And count me impressed as well with the IQ2
. It looks great, feels great and is even heavier than I thought it would be. I love the ultraportable size dearly... and the IQ2 looks very well made and built, with smart features everywhere. The new owner didn't like the cover so the IQ2 goes naked (the black model for discreteness). The display is great on many levels, the bowl is huge (way bigger than my VapeXhale EVO) and the haptic feedback is great. I agree the flavors were excellent in a clean IQ2, but like all portable vapes, it will need some regular cleaning. The IQ2 oozes quality in your hand. It needs a cleaning now as flavors have degraded. The owner is supposedly picking up ISO and cue tips today. Personally, PBW is the best cleaner I've found. The IQ2 looks very straightforward to clean which is excellent. Does anybody else here have any IQ2 cleaning feedback from personal use? Successful and easy to keep clean with excellent flavors? Tips/advice?

The IQ2 draw restriction wasn't as bad as I was expecting... imo it was just a little more restrictive than the Crafty / Mighty. I'm a happy long term Crafty vape owner and the IQ2 makes it feel like a bit of a toy :razz: (with some significant better features). Measuring the draw with the display is really cool with the IQ2... and in use works well ☄️. The IQ2 has a number or impressive touches and refinements such as that.

The IQ2 can heat up in your hand significantly, and can definitely get hot... but so far it hasn't gotten uncomfortably hot when holding (I can see how IQ owners want feedback as they are reportedly hotter). Frankly, the owner and I have both been glad the IQ2 has not gotten any hotter.

I tell ya, the heat, weight and the excellent tactile nature of the IQ2 in the hand all combines to bring a multidimensional enjoyment and experience across the senses
. And this IQ2 has been very consistent so far. It's also extracting excellently with dark AVB. The new owner has already tried and enjoyed the flavor chamber with fresh lemon and lime peels. The IQ2 looks very well designed and flexible. And the owner tried and successfully vaped ground flower in the IQ2 packed with some concentrates sandwiched in the middle (didn't have the concentrates chamber around with that visit, but supposedly trying it shortly). How do people here enjoy concentrates in the IQ2?

After a week the new owner is investing more into the Davinci IQ2 vaping ecosystem. And I totally think it's worth it. They've ordered a digital 4 battery 18650 charger off Amazon (for fast multi battery charging) and are looking to get a grinder. They still haven't downloaded the app :lol:. Without even trying yet, I know it will be very impressive.

And cheers to FCing... over the last few days my combuster friend with the IQ2 has shown a fair amount of coughing, clearing the lungs. It's definitely been noticeable. We discussed it, and they're not sick so we've chalked it up to their lungs beginning to clear up the residue from decades of combusting cannabis. It fits.... and is looking to be another successful FC story here on FC :party:.

So far the IQ2 vape looks great to another new owner and me. This new Davinci product is definitely underrated imo. I noticed that Davinci even has a toll free support phone number... niiice
. Nice touch for sure, plus the 10 yr warranty and Black Friday pricing :luv:.

I'm Saturday night vaping, so sorry for any grammar awkwardness here...

I look forward to hearing from more IQ2 owners here and their experience.

:peace: :leaf:
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