Hash recipes?


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I found some decent higher screen bubble hash. I’m thinking just decarb and mix into some pre made gummies. Is there a edible to make with hash?

The best edible use of hash that I've found is in capsules.

The best tasting (in my opinion) is rso/feco, then hash/rosin and herb, in that order.

Decarbed hash works great as an edible, I think the highest I've been on edibles was from hash, but it doesn't taste great. Capsules have no taste.


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I have taken decarbed hash mixed it with a few drops of coconut oil (to dampen hash) and mixed it with melted chocolate.

I then put it Candybar-shaped chocolate molds into the fridge to cool.

Because the candy mold is scored to break into 24 equal pieces it is easy to dose.


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aye..alrighty, are you ready? listen, make sure you have the next 24 hours free when you make this:
decarb 0.2gr of good quality bubble hash, i did it in my microwave
(I did it in the microwave because my oven is not accurate AT ALL... gave me 200C when I wanted 120C... but it works so well)

Decarb in a microwave:
Put the hash in a baking paper, then cover it with lid that has holes ... microwave lid.
3 minutes at Medium heating

wait about 2-3 minutes until it's not hot anymore, then put the 0.2gr in a capsule. when it's not too hot
take the capsule, and then eat something fatty.. like 2-3 spoons of peanut butter or so....

man... it's SO strong.. i felt it even 28 hours after it...

if you don't have 24 hours free ahead, adjust your amounts below 0.2gr, like 0.1gr max if you have 12 hours free or so...
one of the most potent edibles I've ever had, and decarbed by a microwave!! yep
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