Half Way to Success Anyway......So Far

To be quite honest, I have never had much interest in vaping at all. As my user name suggests, I am not a young man. I have been steadily smoking cannabis for over 33 years now and cigarettes followed close behind. My only previous attempt was quite a few years ago when the cigarette taxes went through the roof. I could recall the days of the "Camel 6pack" where you would pay $0.99 each for 3 packs and get 3 more free. The idea of paying $5.00 and up a pack made me very angry. I was looking for alternatives, but at that time they seemed very few.
I found the "Gold one" electronic cigarette from "Smoking Everywhere" and decided to try it. This was also about the same time that the smoking Nazis were changing the laws and making smokers feel like some kind of evil criminals out to kill everyone who was near them. It sounded like a good solution, but I was not impressed. It would cut out to "save you from overdose" if you took too many deep drags in too short of a time. The refills would ooze liquid or spit it into your mouth if you held it at the wrong angle and would dry out and be useless if you let them sit overnight. The batteries didn't seem to last me more than about a half a day.
Overall I found it to be a big waste of money. I ended up finding a cheaper solution, but more on that in a bit. I want to try to keep this easy to follow. If I tend to ramble a bit, forgive me

So fast forward to several months ago...
I was sitting at a local tap room having a few brews and talking about work with another guy who happened to be sitting next to me. We were both having some issues with servo drives and programing, trying to get automation to work the way we wanted and needed. After a while talking, I asked what it was that he manufactured. He pulled out an OmniVap XL titanium and set it on the bar in front of me. He had my full attention at that point. As we continued to talk he explained how it worked.
I have never been interested in any of the E-liquid devices or oil stuff. Maybe just because of my age or my upbringing, but I don't trust man made substitutes. I prefer to stick with things that grow naturally. This device seemed to be made for someone like me. After a bit more conversation, I felt I had to have one to try out. I didn't have enough cash on me to acquire the XL, but I did manage to leave with a "M" and rushed home to give it a try. I was very impressed with my new toy, as were several of my friends. Within a couple of days, one of my friends talked me into selling it to him. Naturally, I had to replace it, this time with the XL. As I continued to use it from time to time and get used to it as opposed to smoking, I began to like it more and more.

That is when the idea hit me......Could I convert not only my cannabis use to this device, but my tobacco smoking as well? I decided I had to give it a try. There seemed to be so many benefits if I could truly pull it off. To that end, I acquired a pair of "M"s and a pair of DynaStashs so I could be consistent no matter what I was putting in it. One for each so as not to cross contaminate and end up getting the wrong effects at the wrong time.
The biggest hurdles on the cannabis side were of course the habit of packing a bowl or having a friend show up with one already loaded and wanting to share. That and it did take a bit of getting used to. Monitoring how much I was truly ingesting took a bit of experience and moderation, but in just a few weeks, I seemed to have it nearly mastered.
That is why I say I am half way to success. I am currently using the "M" for nearly all my cannabis use on my own. Every once and a while I will pull out the XL just to be different and to play with the air mix settings, but I have had no urge to go back to my old smoking utensils. I now use less and get better effects. Truly a win win situation.
I have smoked very rarely when someone else provides and wants to share, but even then, I can often convince them to put it in my device and try it. Most times when that happens, they immediately want to know where they can get one for themselves.
If anyone would have told me I would be happy vaping as little as 6 months ago, I would have called them either crazy or an idiot. Alas, how wrong I was. In a way, I owe my recent conversion to both good local beer and random chance, as much as to George and his devices. Good thing for me, he also likes good local beer!

The tobacco habit has presented many more hurdles to overcome than cannabis did. I have been typing for quite a while now, so I will get back to that next time I have some time to spend in front of the computer.
Maybe by then I will be able to up the percentage of success.


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Hi @old_skool_smoker ! welcome to the forum!

Amazing that someone would just bump into George just like that.
Good luck with your path to get free from combustion. The cigs are the hard part... I had to think about it as a lost friend. I really loved smoking. Now I never even miss it... I became a non-smoker! Almost embarrassing...

Hope it all goes well for you.


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Great first post. Glad to hear the vapcap it's working out for you!

Curious to hear reports on your tobacco use with it! I've tried it on the past and found it works but it's gross. Aparently pipe tobacco works/tastes better than regular rolling tobacco?
My issue was keeping the heat low enough - seems like the click is a little too hot for tobacco...
ok, so I have a bit of time again tonight.....

Let me start with a bit of info about myself just so you can all understand my motives for converting my tobacco use to George's device. If you would have asked me in my teens, twenties, or even thirties what I planned to be doing at the age I am now, I would have said "pushing up daisies!", and I would have been dead serious!(pardon the pun) I am healthy and in good overall condition considering the use and abuse I have been through, but in no way a health nut. Quite the opposite really. In these days of heath specialists and primary care givers and all the BS the health care and drug industries have become, I have absolutely no part in any of it. I don't use any pills or medication of any kind, including aspirin. (weed doesn't count in my book) I don't even remember the last time I went to see a doctor just because. I go see them only when I am leaking profusely and cant stop it myself or suspect that I have seriously broken something. Always an emergency situation. I do NOT make appointments, PERIOD!

Very few things piss me off more than the do gooders saying "you should get screened for this" or "at your age, you should be tested for..." , or worst of all, "if you stop smoking now it will add years to your life". To all that I say mind your own fawking business and leave me to mine! I enjoy smoking, and am not planning to quit until, well, until maybe I'm dead or am happy with vaping instead. So what I'm trying to convey is that the health side of it is not my motivation at all. With all that out of the way, you may ask why?

Basically it boils down to
1) cost
2) time
3) ease
4) efficiency

As I said in my initial post, I did find a cheaper way to continue my smoking habit when the cost went through the roof.
I purchased a stuffing machine (manually operated) for about $60. I then used pipe tobacco and tubes with filters. The tobacco cost about $13 for a 1lb bag if ordered online. That is enough to make roughly 2 1/2 cartons per bag. So 500 cigarettes per bag. The tubes are about $3 for a box of 200. So $21.50 for 500 smokes give or take. That and about an hour of my time per 200 to make them. I generally smoke about 2-2 1/2 cartons a week depending on stress levels and several other factors.

So just for round numbers, I spend roughly $80 and 10 hours a month to support my habit compared to about $800 if I were buying regular cigarettes at about $7+ a pack. Kind of a big savings, no matter how you look at it. That doesn't include the machine, but they tend to last about 2-3 years so I find that negligible.
Again you may ask why change when I have such a good system?

The benefits I foresee are many really.
1) Time saved as I will no longer have to make them in advance. Just load and heat.
2) No more butts to get rid of and no more dirty ash trays.
3) No side smoke to annoy others and dirty my car windows and home. (don't really care about the annoy part, but others will)
4) Less fire risk. A dyna will not randomly drop a burning cherry if I bump something.
5) Less cost, no more tubes to buy.
6) Less cost again, as the dyna is more efficient at delivering the nicotine, so I should use less tobacco.
7) No more investment, I don't foresee a dyna wearing out like the machines do.
8) No more wasting half a cigarette if I get interrupted on a smoke break, just put it away and heat again later.
9) No more smoke in the eye when trying to do something with a lit cigarette.
10) there is also the health thing, but not top of my list. Everyone has to die sometime. It will however be interesting to see if I have more energy and less coughing over time. Maybe I will be able to run a marathon or something. (Bwahahaha! not gonna happen. Only time I run is when cops are chasing me)

Anyway, again I have spent a lot of time typing all this as I am no secretary. Hope to have some updates and percentage change with my next post.
Thank you all for the warm welcome to your forum and I hope my input helps someone in some way.
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I have stopped smoking weed and only vape it now. Been doing that for a bit over a month now with no urge to go back to smoking it.

I make my cigarettes with gambler tubes and OHM "bold" tobacco. When I started to vape tobacco, I found that I like using cherry Cavendish much better than the bold. I enjoy the sweet flavor a lot more and it makes vaping more appealing than smoking.

The actual habit of lighting a cigarette has been much harder to overcome. Still working on that.
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