G Pen Hyer


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Looks like they took some notes on the Connect, and made something better.
I'm liking the form factor


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This is interesting. I would pull the trigger if it wasn't reliant on an atomizer that will need replacing at $50 a pop.

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That says a lot to me about that reviewer.🤨

Haha yeah I wonder if it's the same guy who's been doing it for Gizmodo for a long time now, because they never knew what the fuck they were talking about, only testing and suggesting mainstream uninnovative products... it's so sad to see dedicated tech nerds fall for crappy vape shit like this as if it is the best bang for your buck even when you have a lot of money to spend :disgust:

All I can say about the Hyer is the industrial design looks slick, seems like a simple way too e dab (I'm sure the herbal attachment sucks lol) but yeah with the Gpen brand you have to assume the worst first :rolleyes::\
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Ya it was Troy liking it that brought it to my attention. I remember the last one has a shit atomizer.
I'm actually starting to look at the Proxy more as a portable to share with friends. Although this one may have potential
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