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Inside a very serious and interesting thread this gem was hiding:

@srama21 mentioned that the reference section of this study was "gold." Here's an excerpt from London's Provincial Medical Journal, dated 1843, titled "On the Preparations of the Indian Hemp, or Gunjah" (I never knew where the term ganja came from!):

"On the 6th of November 1838, one grain of the resin of hemp was administered in solution, at 2pm, to each of these three patients.
At 4pm, it was reported that one was becoming very talkative, was singing songs, calling loudly for an extra supply of food and declaring himself in perfect health…”


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I think it's funny when folks either apologize for using the word, "fuck," in their posts or use euphemisms like "effing," "frigging," etc., instead. The site is called "Fuck Combustion," after all. Who here could possibly be offended by seeing the 4-letter word spelled out unless one member is calling another a [mother] fucker as an insult? :shrug:


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I lurk way too many old threads, I know, but check this out :

just a noteworthy story.

So I walk into my house, see my girlfriend on the couch and hear her vibrator going. I walk over and see her holding our MFLB up to her mouth with her tiny vibrator sticking out from underneath it. WTF I think to myself, with a smirk on my face, as I watch cluelessly for a good 25 seconds. She finishes up her hit, holds it in for another 30 seconds, and finally acknowledges my clueless-ly curious face staring her down.

then I put my bag down and sit next to her ... she shows me inside the MF as she turns on the vibrator (which is attached with the rubber band to the bottom side of it)

Its hard to explain but the vibrations make the plant matter literally rotate over itself within the trough. No more shaking! I called her lazy and then took my turn with the vibrating magic pleasure flight launch box. It works, try it! Maybe


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I mean do these spammers think people are actually clicking on a link to get Peruvian Viagra? Come on man!

Can you post the link? :lol:

This one stuck in my mind, unfortunately;


GreenLeaf has posted a few eye-openers :o he told me in another thread what a 'pig hole' is.... :lol:

That post needs to be in the FC Hall of Fame.

I lurk way too many old threads, I know, but check this out :

That was a metaphor right? :D

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You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...
I heard its all loud....
Ha! I couldn't resist checking it out. I went to the menu tab and quickly realized, vaporizers, wasn't an option. Strike one, so maybe... other? Nope some high quality cig holders. Strike two, ok maybe newest product? I struck out, nothing here, I'm still looking for the vapes! Ashcatchers, none here. By the looks of the other products I'm interested to know what real vapes, if any they will carry.

Edit- A search for vaporizers revealed some China nails. Ouch


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The below quote taken from a thread about gender identification in FC profiles.... so I thought to see if it were applicable in other areas of life.

"What is wrong with unspecified? .... it can mean "fuck you none of your business". "

To that end, my boss asked me what I've been doing lately, to which I replied "Unspecified activities"....

Yeah, didn't go over so well! :shrug:
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