L1 FuckCombustion Play It Forward December - CONTEST 2


Diagnosed with level 11 G.A.S.

one million oz.! (almost as big as PR's generosity :tup:)
self portrait? hehehe 1 millon oz for the win...

Play-it-forward people, lead by example :)

You know what is fun, a guy once pulled ahead of me in the gas line at the station. You see in Oregon they think the average person can’t pump gas, so the station employees must do it. Back to story. Guess guy was more important that me and in a rush...

So what did I do... I went over to the attendant and paid the guy’s gas. Figure he was so under it, he needed help. You see, he expected to be yelled at and was prepared for that. He would just think you are an ass. Gives him an out...

Now, he had no reply to that. I just smiled and walked away. He was stocked and unprepared. You know I bet he still remembers that experience. Now if I got mad, he would have long forgot it... Maybe it takes more for a person to change, but a little movement now, makes a large difference in years to come :)
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the weight is 4.0 oz

someone had 4.20 already
damn someone has 4.3 too

everybody, make sure you read through all the previous pages to make sure your number isnt already picked
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I got so vaked yesterday I forgot to submit a guess:ko::lol:
28.2 ounces for bragging rights only
Good luck everyone! Somebody's gonna win some sweet glass
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