L1 FuckCombustion Play It Forward December - CONTEST 1


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To clarify the weight for the contest - ITS JUST THE CANDY WEIGHT, NOT THE GLASS AND CANDY.
That way anyone owning this pipe wouldn't have as much advantage.

If you thought the weight of the pipe and candy, one time reguess. However I do hope the new number is significantly lower to be fair :)


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Hey folks, I'm changing my answer. When initially reading the contest details I thought PR was looking for the total combined weight of candy and glass. It was upon re-reading them that I realized I shouldn't read contest details directly after 3 back to back sessions on my enano!:smug:. I brought this up to PR and he told me that in this case he'd allow a 1 time answer change. So my new guess it 7.5 oz. I don't believe I've seen that guessed yet. Please correct me if it has. Thanks


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iPad isn't letting me edit my post from before but since we're allowed I'd like to rectify my guess (sans glass) to 17.1oz! (edit for bad math :))
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Thanks for the clarification on rules regarding glass/candy etc.

My adjustment comes in at 16.1oz!

Once again good luck to everyone and thanks for the competition.
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tick tock, 3 mins left :)


Only 3 guesses under that...

So one person guessed 2.9, another I think was 2. I have to noodle on third. Post names soon...

#1 @llamaman001 with 2.9
#2 @Dreamer with 1.4
#3 @placetime with 3.0

Next was @vapomancer at 1.0 BTW

Now I need your selection. #1 post first, #2 post second.

Then pm your address, rest will be done via pm's...
Week 2 starts soon.

So question... is a week the correct duration or too short or too long?

Yes, pictures are hard to judge, I was very surprized myself.

Also, interesting. The way this worked out its my 1000th post :) Karma!

to every one else, 9 more chances.... don't give up yet!
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I did not think it would be that low. That piece must be smaller than I'm seeing it in my head. Glass always fools me from pic to in person. Congrats to the winners.

I agree, either that or he got jipped on the peanut butter amount in the candies :lol:

I thought there would be around 400-500 in there

As for the contest length, I think a week is a perfect length. Thanks again for doing this PhotoRider, and gratz to the winners!
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