Favorite Vaporizer Wood Types


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What are your favorite kinds of wood you've seen used for vaporizers? Based on aesthetics or flavor or whatever. Or wood you haven't seen but would like to?

Blue Mahoe - amazing variety visually, amazing smell and flavor when heated

Bocote - amazing grain, interesting flavor - kinda like soap but not bad

Spalted Tamarind, Spalted Maple, Maple Burl, Rainbow Poplar - all very cool looking woods

Cherry - classic appearance and smell

Shit Snacks

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Oh yeah, from my RBT Zion and mist vape beta testing days and such I always felt maple was a standard for purity, while the common walnut and cherry took more time to break in... Of course I've sought to collect most everything, spalted stuff is always cool and I need more of it though it's not always so structurally sound? Ambrosia maple looks great but does have a strong soapy smell to me... Pear wood is actually pretty great, very neutral, nice color, workability etc.

So yeah I love the colors, red heart is a favorite for me too, with the bold red color, but bloodwood can be great too and padauk, pink ivory, black and white ebony... Yes I really love blue mahoe as well and also was very into purple heart, but then canary wood really supplanted it as one of my top picks!!

Flame box elder was another one I always loved and wanted to collect, it is a bit trickier and more rare than blue mahoe and red heart, though I was finally able to get those and I think I have seen Ed use FBE?? All those burls and swirls (buckeye?!) are some of the most stunning, but can be tough to to work with, sort of different vibes to me...

Surprised how much I like my olive wood bowl from Cloud Connoisseur, so I would say that is a good one too, my next one will be orange agate (along with a matching cobalt halo) since it looks very beautiful and unique (@Sour Dream was able to get a piece of it for his bowl but the rest is mine!) with the colors and grain patterns in different lighting, and it had some really good properties reading about it on the online wood database, although it can be misnamed?

Speaking of, Osage Orange is also pretty classic, my first wood vape ever, the underdog was that (I actually had one that was red elm first but it was defective so I instead received the OO to replace it) Yeah and so many others, I have a large collection fortunately, try to get a lot of variety, no two are the same really! Cocobolo is a classic one with a lot of variables, just got a little more of that in a stem, along with satinwood... Goncalo Alves is a cool one!

Oh I'm also really fond of tulip wood, very beautiful pink colors swirled in a lighter wood and nice neutral properties in my experience! I have a few stems and things with that actually, and just got a little more..

...such much wood :haw: :mental:
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