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Enthusiasts in Thunder Bay CA?


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Have you ever been to Kia Ore I believe the name is?
No, only Tokyo Smoke for cbd and all they had was eights, was very good, but not very fresh. I found the government online store had better selection and price even thought they are the suppliers to local retailers. The grey market online stores are way better for price and quality. The whole huge plastic jar thing is terrible with the government pot, you will never get good fresh buds if the container is full of more air than buds. :bang:


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What’s up TBay! Have some family in the area. Plus one for grey market options. Better quality, better price, more discretion.

I like to support our legalization as well though so I also hit up the shops.

You guys have Kia Ore, Rainbow and Tokyo I believe they all do same day delivery as well.

There’s a local news and arts paper ( The Walleye, I think ) it has a cannabis corner section with some info on what’s happening around town.


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I'm totally jealous to get fresh, high quality cannabis delivered to my door. Outrageously cool. I can't wait (hopefully it'll happen during my lifetime) to be able to order from WA, OR, CA (ours and yours) and get it delivered. What a crazy notion.

I order organic green tea from Japan and get spices from all over the world so it's only a matter of changing the laws!! Here is to hoping.

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@Petetbay what are you using for CBD and are you happy with it? I'm still seeking out a strain I really enjoy. I'm medical so I order from the grower but all of my LG's have very limited CBD selection. OCS last time I looked didn't have a very good selection but maybe its time to look again. TGOD skunk haze is a favourite of mine but its a 1:2 and some times I just want to vape a sesh and not get high. best thc bud I get is Broken Coast which is now owned by Aphria but still sold under the broken coast label and it is truly amazing stuff!! so frosty, moist and bouncy, and specially cured to perfection :drool: and always feels stronger than the label says 😍


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what are you using for CBD and are you happy with it?
I’ve had the Skunk Haze and a few others that don’t remember the names from the OCS and Tokyo Smoke they were ok, some were pretty dried out. From the grey market I have 2 left that I like AC/DC and Charlotte’s Web. The AC/DC was lo-end 20% CBD 4-6% THC, not so good quality even a few seeds(I never see seeds anymore) $70 an ounce, but the CBD effect is pretty good. The Charlotte’s Web is hi-end buds, good taste/smell, 18% CBD 1-3% THC, usually $200/oz I got it for $140, it is my favorite. If you can find good C Web, give it a try. Well I took a bud pic, but appears you can’t do attachments here.
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