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Hi, all.
This is a "Package Deal" only - I won't break it up. All new stuff - never used (sadly!) Don't bother reading if you're looking for a great deal or only have $100 to spend. However, if you don't like shopping, but would like to acquire a bunch of Dynavap stuff can consider me your personal shopper and see the package I put together just for YOU! (well, for me, but shit happens).

1) Nanuk # 903 small black case with large, bold DYNAVAP logo (which I assume can be removed) ...w/customizable foam.
I removed a bunch of the scored foam cubes to accommodate the Alpine 2020 I.H. (see pic), but left the rest of the foam intact for custom custom configurations (Alpine charger?, Dnyavap(s)?, stash? ... whatever you want). I saved the foam I pulled out and will include that, too.

2) a Dynavap 2020M (will need cleaning - potential oil and metal shavings from the manufacturing machining, includes a "user manual" card and a ... ooo-boy, a sticker!).

3) a 2018 S.S. Tip (OEM, I suggest adding notches ... or I can do so for you,if you want, "N/C" - I did mine and like it)
4) a 2019 CAP (will substitute a 2020 Captive Cap, if you prefer ... your choice)

5) a 6" green colored thick-wall glass straight stem ... and a bamboo "toothbrush holder" that will hold the glass stem with a tip ... I use the same set-up and put a cotton ball (not included) at each end of the bamboo tube to cushion the glass stem).

6) an ALPINE 2020 Induction Heater, complete - unused ... the wood top is even glued on (LOL)!
....(tested with an empty Vapcap to confirm not D.O.A., and fully charged already). All OEM packing included.

7) Slim Stash ... Padauk

8) DynaCoil

9) 10-pack of small S.S. screens to use as an alternative to Dynavap's CCD

10) Eagle brand single flame torch

11) Fat Mouthpiece

12) (3) loose small dyametric magnets ... they DO center a Dynavap, but they are actually a bit weaker than the official DynaMag. They will allow a Dynavap to stand and cool, and will pull off a loose cap, but will NOT remove a Captive cap.

13) (4) clear plastic "3-dram" vials with snap-on lids, by Thornton Plastics ... holds a AA battery nicely.

14) wanna' try you hand at 9-volt battery anodizing? Included is a foot-long piece of quality 20 Gauge Titanium wire, a quality set of Heavy-Duty Test Leads ( 39" long, Copper alligator clips soldered onto 20AWG Red and Black silicone wires) and an 8" section of Stainless Steel bar stock (1/8" thick, 1" wide ... flat, but can be bent to fit into an anodizing bath container ... will need a bench vice and maybe even a propane torch to heat and soften the bar before bending it ... or, just use a stainless steel fork like the "SharpKnifeNuts" guy does in his Youtube Video!)

Wow, this stuff adds up quickly $$$ ... admittedly, there's no super-saver deal here, but not full-retail pricing either ... mainly just a convenient "package" with two vapes. I will ship quickly after getting paid!

Price = $350.00 ... US Postal Priority Shipping included to cont. USA only.
(I'll ship it internationally if you pay for the shipping).

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