Completed Custom Blackwood Splinter Z SOLD


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I'm selling my custom Blackwood Splinter. @unklmark rebuilt it with a Z style heater. I'm pretty sure this is a v1 Splinter body though. With a Zion heater.

Great piece, but sees little use. I'm trying to pair down my collection and free up some cash.

Mark suggests a TCR of 185.

For whatever reason, my PayPal account insists on holding funds for 60-90 days every time. So I'd prefer to use Cash App for this listing if possible. I'm more or less a 7 day per week poster on FC and a longtime member, so I'm not going anywhere. And I'm happy to share my address and info with the buyer before purchase. If you don't already have a CashApp account I'm pretty sure you can get $10 or so off too.

If I don't get any takers, I'll bite the bullet with PP. But I'm hoping a member can help me out.

Prefer US shipping only.

For the record, the home decor was not my idea!

Edit: Well, that went quicker than I thought! Thank you so much to @jasp3r for helping me out. Nice to know she's goin to a good home!
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