Cosmic Xtractor 510 Comparison


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i am really enjoying Splinter V2 with TCR and cruise mode / autofire, the Cosmic Xtractor looks good too!
not too many people like to mess with their mods for installing AF/tubomyevic
but once you know how to do it, it's a beast. I really like the convenience of not needing the button!!!

if something will happen to my Splinter I will get probably some Xtractor ehe ;)


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I have an xtractor and a bunch of other 510 (Shammer, splinter v2, Z v2, iheat) and my thoughts on the Xtractor is that its a nice unit and it works quite well, but it has 2 factors that make me reach for other 510s more:
1. It hotspots distinctly to one side and requires stirring, and 2. Its very large and bulky, and i usually use 510s on the go.

I like that it is glassless for sure, but on my unit unfortunately the bore in the middle isnt totally straight and stems therefore stick out at a bit of an angle. This is no way affects performance but its a bit of a pain aesethetically.

I should definitely note i have an earlier unit, and the ones i have seen since look more refined. All in all i would definitely still recommend a xtractor to someone, it does its job really well and I have all the respect in the world for Fear, hes one of the best members of this community imo. I am super interested in the xtractor all in one unit, and will definitely be buying one when they come out.
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