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Or Cannatail? 🤔
Anyway, with abv, I rediscovered the pleasure of edible cannabis and have since multiplied experiences to vary pleasures (cookies are boooooring) from lemon curds to cheese croquettes a so on. But last time, I did a C'high Latte, inspired by the Bhang thread found around here.
This led me to wonder If I could replace my coconut based cannaoil by an alcoholic extract in order to prepare a cannabis cocktail. Something similar to tinctures, but not to be taken sublingual, but to be enjoyed as a genuine cocktail.
My plan is to dissolve decarbed home made rosin (to avoid extracting the plant taste) in 90% alcohol, then using said extract as an ingredient for a cocktail. My question is, has anyone around here already test that kind of cocktails? Any tips on preparation or recipes that would fit with the taste? I was thinking of pressing some hash (for the woody/resinous taste) and mixing it in a rhum based cocktail, but not something to fruity.
But any suggestion is accepted 🍸


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From the title I was expecting this to be a thread about infused lube 😅

On topic, I haven’t made any tinctures myself, but last time we popped by a dispensary we picked up a water based tincture designed to be used in drinks. It works quite well and is neutral enough to be used in most drinks, though if you use more than 10mg the weed aftertaste is definitely present. Been meaning to try an alcohol tincture, but I hear the potency isn’t as consistent as an oil and letchin based extract, would love to hear if someone has tried making their own, but unfortunately don’t have a recipe to share.

Could also do a cannabutter hot buttered drink, my ratio is 1 Tbsp butter, 2 Tbsp brown sugar and spices to taste muddled together, then mix with 4 oz boiling water, 2 oz rum mix. Works with other alcohols or even without alcohol.


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hear the potency isn’t as consistent as an oil and letchin based extract
TBH this is a concern, but as people do tinctures, I suppose it has at least some potential, or is it only through mucosal membrane absorption that it is efficient?

My first reaction was to say I wouldn't mix alcohol with milk then... I remembered having a White Russian period. Maybe it's time to take my bathrobe out of the closet

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Okay, clearly a branding problem 😅 Will stick to Cannatail, at least until someone finds the loophole in that name too.
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Lol! This thread is funny! Cannatail works though I think!

I think it would go well in an IPA. Or any other hop forward beer. Hops and cannabis are brothers in nature so I would expect them to work pretty well together. I do worry that the tongue might start to come out of solution mixed with to much water though but that's totally guess work.

Otherwise another bitter cocktail might work like a campari or something?


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It's a bit of a rigmarole, but a tablespoon of dank dulce de leche (made with amnesia haze) stirred into hot chocolate made with a little green chartreuse is a sweet herbal delight. I imagine it'd work with stuff like cream liqueurs too.

Ime tinctures don't taste that good, so if mixing up with tinctures, I'd try overwhelming it with something wildly complex like fernet branca or absinthe


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I think it would go well in an IPA
I'm mostly a beer fan and that idea didn't even strike me as I'm always wary or people pooring anything in an otherwise perfectly fine hoppy drink, but the more I think about it, the most I think that would be a lovely mix!
green chartreuse
The herbal taste of a chartreuse would indeed be a good match, definitely have to try
Ime tinctures don't taste that good
I never had tincture, but that's what I read. That's why I was planning on dissolving concentrate in the alcohol to avoid the bitter plant taste as I suppose that's what makes it unpalatable, but again, it's just a supposition. So now I will have to buy some high% alcohol, try to produce that improved adjuvant then go to my favourite spirits bar and test it in various drinks. For science :science:


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Okay, took some time to start experimenting and even more reporting 🤷‍♂️

So I bought 1dl (100ml) of 97% potable alcohol and some 5g of 120u hash. 4g of said hash where pressed into 1.6g of rosin I decided to try 3 methods. The goal is to achieve max efficiency but preserving the taste to use it in beverages :
  • (A) dissolve 0.8g of rosin in 40mL of alc, then heat it in a closed mason jar* at 70°C in steam oven for 1.5 hours
  • (B) decarb 0.8g of rosin in a mason jar at 120°C for 30 min, then dissolve in 40mL of alc
  • (C) decarb 1g of hash in a mason jar at 120°C for 30 min, then dissolve in 20mL of alc

I made the following assumptions :
  • 0.8g of rosin (max 70-80% of THC) contains then at most 560-640mg THC
  • 1g of hash (max 25-30%) of THC contains at most 250-300mg THC
Thus if all of THCa is converted in THC1mL of each mix :
  • (A) 14-16 mg of THC
  • (B) 14-16 mg of THC
  • (C) 12-15 mg of THC
So if my calculations and assumptions are not wrong, all samples should have similar potency. To taste it, I mixed 1ml of alcohol and some water. I would say that (A) has the best taste, followed by (B) then (C). Probably because less terpenes were boiled off / cooked? And (C) had kind of a bitter taste. More plant matter in the mix?

I had to do a few tries, same quantity (2ml => ~30mg max) in similar settings (weed sober) for each sample and gave around a few samples to have reviews. And I did one test of (B) at 6ml (~80-90mg max) and ended up completely fucked up. I was even still foggy the next morning.

Conclusion, the strongest one is the (B) sample. Then (C) and (A) is the lowest one. Conclusion, the (A) sample probably didn't decarboxylate enough. I should try a longer heating time of the alcohol and rosin mixture, maybe 2-3 hours at 70°C?

Anyway, result is quite pleasant. I tried it in a good whisky (Arran Sauternes cask finish 😊 ) and in coffee. Both are pleasant in taste, mix very well with the "woody" taste of the tincture. And it's very practical to dose (1 to 5ml depending on tolerance). Definetely needs more testing, for science, yay! :science:

* I heated the alcohol at 70°C, 8° below boiling point at 1atm. My reasoning being that in the closed jar, even if some evaporation occur below that threshold, pressure will raise, thus raising boiling temp too. And using a steam oven gives good precision of temperature. I may be wrong but I supposed it would be safe enough to avoid flammable alcohol vapors.


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I make simple syrup from my AVB. Water cure well, fully dry, sift (for stray hair etc) + grind, & into cheesecloth it goes. I have a gallon zip-lock bag filled beyond the brim, so I don't really weigh the AVB used.

For the simple syrup there's two ways to do it.

The lazy way is faster, in my experience seems to work just fine still despite it not being as efficient at the molecular level. It's a basic 2:1 sugar water syrup, I recommend a smaller bottle so you wouldn't need more than 2 cups of water. Bring the water to a simmer then lower the heat a bit and begin adding your (2) ratio of sugar. Once it's all in, toss in the cheesecloth of AVB and let that sit for 20ish minutes, agitating frequently. The better the water cure initally, the lighter-gold the final syrup will be.

This way is very earthy and almost floral. It definitely has a bit of a plant taste to it, but not in a bad way. I made a cocktail with it, but I forget what as it's been a month or so now. We also used it in teas, our friends pass tf out that night, so I do think it successfully infused this way.

However, the right way would be the better way to do it. This is to make cannabis sugar, then use that for the 2:1 (or 1:1) simple syrup.

Cannabis sugar is easy enough, it's just time consuming (and slightly more expensive than others...) You essentially repeat step 1, make sure it's decarboxylated, water cured, well dried. Then use the highest proof alcohol you can get (190 anyone?) and make a tincture - steep the cannabis in the alcohol, agitate every 5m for 20m, strain very well (cheesecloth, coffee filter) and now you've got your tincture. Now we can use this to make the sugar, which is fairly easy, just time consuming.

Place your desired amount of sugar in a wide glass baking dish (big brownie or pie mould depending on amount) and add the tincture, stirring as you go. It should resemble wet sand when you're done. Cover it with a breathable fabric and let it sit to dry for about 3 days, stirring it up every few hours. Yup. Sometimes longer. You want it to be completely dried and for it to be exactly like your sugar was before :)

Once done, you've got the infused sugar and from here you can just do the 1:1 simple syrup recipe. From my memory, this one is pretty much flavorless, the sugar itself has a feint taste to it, but once mixed it's completely overpowered by whatever ingredients you use for the drinks.

So, in terms of THC cocktails? Cannatails, haha, I would refer to the mixologist's mindset -- if you want to build off of cannabis' flavors, then I would suggest method 1 (not necessarily using AVB mind you!) as that really gets the flavor profile of the plant you are using. However, if you simply want to make alcoholic drinks that have cannabis compounds in them, then I would suggest method two as a way to keep that more inert flavor profile.

Hm, all this has got me to thinking. If you're familiar with conitreau pearls, or vermouth caviar, it is essentially using agar-agar, cold oil and the vermouth to create vermouth flavored gel-balls! I bet this could be fairly easily recreated with cannabis!


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I 've made some test with some alcool that a friend made at 60° and another at 70° . I first decarboxyled 12g of weed thc and cbd mixed, that i put in approximatively 33 cl of alcool. I let it 1 hour. After that i've filtering the alcool and put in it fenouil (fennel) , anis vert (green anise ), anis étoilé (star anise), 5 berry Peppers, 3 leaves of armoise (mugwort). Let that for two weeks in the dark. Filtering...
After that i put canesugar, not so much and water to come down to 40°.
And that's done, i've got a well balanced thc cbd Pastis. 1 alcool volume and 7 volume water with ice😋
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