Cannabis Storage


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I bought all sizes of Jyarz based on the high praise they get on this forum. They work perfectly fine, and I like the smaller sized ones to keep ground material in, so I can go to town grinding once - and be good for weeks. In terms of storing larger quantities, I don't find them to be superior to cvaults in any way/shape/form personally - and have never had an issue with the cvaults, as others have.

With the above said, I've been exclusively buying 710 labs flower - as the quality and flavor are out of this world, and their 1/2 oz's (only size they sell direct) come in a nice smoked black glass jar that blocks all light and is airtight and smell proof. It's good enough that it isn't worth the 30 seconds of effort to dump the contents of the 710 Labs jar into a Cvault or Jyarz container. If you're in California or Colorado you might want to see if you can sign up for their "list" so you can buy directly from 710 Labs, order some of their 1/2's and get the re-usable glass jars for free.
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