Camouflet Inductor Giveaway - What Camouflet creation would you pick to pair with your Inductor!?


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Hello everyone,

April 1st has arrived! Time to announce the winner of the Inductor and Camouflet creation giveaway.

Drum roll please... 🥁

Congratulations @Shit Snacks! Your guess(8888) was the closest to our number 8904.

You've won an Inductor and Camouflet creation of your choice! Woohoo! 🎁

Thank you to all the members who participated in the Camouflet giveaway. We have something special to share with you all, keep an eye on your FC inbox messages. ;)

And make sure to sign up to Camouflet's email list for future developments, sales and more giveaways!

Email sign up link found at the bottom of our contact page. Link -

Looks like the Injector is the most requested creation from the giveaway results.


Is it here?

Found at
There she blows! The first baby Zooter, an aluminum design prototype. Good eye @Grass Yes.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Camouflet 🎩

Shit Snacks

Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/BAK/FW9)
Wow! Simply cannot believe I actually won something here, helps that it wasn't random drawing I guess... Infinity 8 came through, even if it wasn't the exact number lol :whoa::bowdown:

This is going to be my first induction heater and I cannot believe I won't have to pay for it, thanks again for doing this and hooking me up!!! Now I just have to decide somehow which vape of yours to go with it... :cool::freak:
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