Anyone have experience with the VHB 3D 3s induction heater?


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Hello fellow FC'ers,

I've owned an iSpire Wand for some time now and it's really served me well for my IH powered vapes. This includes several vapcaps as well as a Stunner.

However, I'm always on the lookout for any improvements in the portable IH space. I've read about the IHs from @Pipes, YLLvape and others but they so far haven't impressed me enough to supplant my Wand. There is one however that has had my attention for a while but I never really see it mentioned on the site. The VHB 3D 3s.

I like it because it seems quite compact and also comes with 3x replaceable 18650s as a power source so in theory, it is more powerful than the Wand. Does anyone own this (and perhaps an iSpire Wand as well) that could give an opinion on it? The site says there is a glass insert that is adjustable and also that it can fit the Anvil. I don't own an Anvil so I don't know the dimensions but I would require it to fit things like my Stunner and my future Tempest 😋.

Basically I'm looking for something smaller and with more clicks than the Wand. Thanks in advance!
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