Any Guitar fans in here? Post your favourite guitars!

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Part of the reason I like Logs so much is I play guitar and love natural wood finishes. So I'll get this started with some of my favourites.


Blackmachine B2. Ebony top, ebony fretboard.


This is one of my favourite guitars ever. Made by a guy named Patrick Hufschmid in Switzerland. Not sure the woods used, but it's an incredible guitar.


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Man, I just googled, "most beautiful guitar". Wow.........:o :o :o


Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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Thanks. I'm really an acoustic finger-picker, but I got this 'cause I'm trying to learn swing stuff, and, like many, I have GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome).

lwien, I seem to recall you play/played the bass. Did you pick it up again, or is that just an errant memory of mine?

And this is a 1956 National Resophonic Student Model 1133 I own. This is not my picture, but it looks just like the one I have. It's a single cone.

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Not sure if these count as 'natural' wood finishes because of the colors.

First one is a quilt maple top on a mahogany body.
Second & third ones are flame maple tops on alder bodies.
Fourth one (the V) is a deep red stained mahogany.
This photo doesn't do the figuring of the woods justice.


I have a Fury guitar, totally custom made And handmade by an old man in a shed. Can only get them in the city I live in. Every part is handmade,hand wound, hand carved. Any show I play I get atleast 1-2 questions about it. Seems like the only guitars I'll ever play...........


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That tailpiece is actually a gretsch one. The stock one crowds the bridge so most people change them out. As did the guy I got this one from too. For anyone interested this is a Eastwood Airline Tuxedo.


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It's pretty good, a little higher than I'm used to I guess but I haven't gotten it set up yet either.
this is a great demo of it...just a different color than mine.
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I'll learn how to post pics and stick one up of my ZETA crossover Bass. it has a sweet natural finish.


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my beloved 1993 studio les paul and my Alvarez dreadnought. I love anything with strings, favorite guitarists? umm Jerry Cantrel kicks ass, and pretty much all the old school cliched greats (minus your flamboyant 80's glam rock guitarists)
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