Completed Angus w/ WPA, Ruby Stem, 8 mm adapter ...


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Greetings! I have an YLLVAPE Angus here. It’s been used for maybe 30 sessions and it’s sweeet! It’s just been sitting for a few months and is being wasted 🤦‍♂️ It comes with the WPA, 2 dosing capsules, an extra glass mouthpiece, a ruby filled mouthpiece, an 8 mm adapter for Dynavap stems - both which haven’t been used yet, and the original screens, o-rings, case and tweezers. (I’m going to hate to lose these tweezers!)

$165 shipped, Paypal/Venmo G&S

EDIT: I forgot to include a glass stem that was sold for awhile by TRWW for the Angus, though it was made for another device. It is a cool stem, using an o-ring near the bottom to close off any air leaks, and it works quite well, it just is loose in there - doesn't seat tight. But useable. And quite a different take on the taste! I used it quite a bit for awhile there. It also works as a WPA. Plus a light show!

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