2021 - best vape with a clean vapor path and no plastics?


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I'm looking for a vaporizer with an isolated vapor and possibly isolated air path. I have concerns about plastics/off gassing and with ceramic heaters given the whole dust debacle. To me, it seems like the safest vaporizer would be an all glass path or stainless steel with no possibility of electronics or plastics or silicone somehow getting into my lungs. I think the Firewood 7, TinyMight, Vapman, and Elev8r all seem like viable options. I am also considering a Magic Flight Box and Dynavap. Any other recommendations or suggestions for what to pick?

I'm honestly a little overwhelmed with all the options. My other concern is that it's not too harsh, but I think a wpa/water pipe would solve that problem no matter what vape I go with, right?

There's a thread from 2019 with some good suggestions but I'm wondering if anything new is available in 2021.
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The ones you mention correspond to your expectations. Dynavap with glass tube (glass charlie for exemple) is cheap and efficient.
As a desktop spray, I would definitely add The Herborizer which is incredibly pure (glass). Heavy but sweety
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