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  1. iloveCBD

    Top 5 Best Wax pen in 2018 List

    Will folks, the list is out on which wax pens are the best in 2018 based on which use the best materials and provide the best vaping experience. What are some of your recommendations for a vape pen for wax? Do you agree with this results? Do you disagree? What are your thoughts? See list...
  2. Aovape

    Aovape Canva - Best Wax Pen

    Hi Everyone, Aovape technology here with an exciting new wax pen we’d like to introduce. Canva uses a modernly designed magnetic connection between the atomizer cover and the base. This design allows you to pull out the atomizer cover and add your wax very easily. Inside the top of the...
  3. J

    Traveling with wax pen through Asia safe?

    Any problems flying with a wax pen (that looks just like ejuice) through taiwan, thailand, south korea, and japan? anybodies experiences doing so? obviously know herb is a big no-no, wondering how safe or unsafe carrying a wax pen would be. also theres a THC inhaler that looks just like a...
  4. B

    Vaporizing wax vs vaping buds-Any difference?

    First timer! Love the site and looking for good opinions on portable wax pens vs flower pens. I have been searching days.. I went in the shop with the intention to buy a portable vape pen specifically for wax. I then learned you can buy a portable pen for vaping flowers only. Or- one for both...
  5. Yocantech

    Yocan Evolve Wax Pen

    Hi Everyone, Yocan technology here with an exciting new product we’d like to introduce. It’s a portable pen styled personal vaporizer for your wax or shatter called the Yocan Evolve. It comes equipped with our latest breakthrough in coil technology. The QDC or Quartz Dual Coil are crafted with...
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