1. D

    Increasing vapor density

    I’ve been doing research on how to extract my herb to the maximum, and I stumbled across this video: Is running my unit at 500° the only way to produce vapor that dense?
  2. A

    Best portable vaporizer for asthma

    Hi, sorry for creating a new thread but there is no thread like this in the forum. Actually there is one but it's about desktop vaporizers. Yesterday i've ordered the arizer air 2 then i've read on reddit that it's more harsher than my vivant alternate so i asked for refund. It's really very...
  3. A

    Asthmatic vapers

    Hi! It will be nice to have a thread for vapers who have asthma, to share our experiences with the vaporizers and also share tips like how to vape without coughing (for example), which vaporizers are the best for smoothness ect..
  4. OrionNebula

    No visible vapor AT ALL. Is this normal?

    I'm new to vaping. I ordered a used Vapir Rise from Ebay. I just got it and tried vaping 1st lavender, 2nd chamomile, and 3rd pipe tobacco, at the temperatures provided by the guide. I inhaled and did notice some flavor. But I see absolutely no visible vapor. What's going on? Did I get scammed?
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