1. 2

    Arizer Air 2 vs Vapir Mini Oxygen w/ battery pack

    Which is better? Pros and cons? Would love to hear from someone who has both!!
  2. J

    Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate BURNED

    Hello friends. I bought a Vapir rise 2.0 in USA (110v version), I brought it to Argentina, and I plug it to a 220v socket. It worked for 10 mins and then it stopped heating. Everything works good but the air is cold. I realized my mistake too late. Is there anything I can do?? I was the first...
  3. VaporNation

    Discontinued Vapir Rise Vaporizer

    VaporNation is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the brand new Vapir Rise Vaporizer. Developed by Vapir, this Rise is an innovative forced-air vaporizer that offers the user dual functionality – whip or balloon bag inhalation. The Vapir Rise is also fully functional with both dry blends...
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