1. R

    Xmax V3 PRO - upgrade to Mighty/+ ?

    After 20 years of rolling joints a month ago I took my first vape Xmax V3 pro and I must admit that I am very satisfied and so far I have not rolled a single joint. The problem is that I see a lot of good reviews about Mighty/solo 2, so I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading, i.e. if they are...
  2. mrkilgoretrout

    Upgrading from Arizer Air I

    Hello, After four years with my first vaporizer, I'm thinking about getting a new one now that I can afford it. I only vape at home after work and weekends. I love to vape while watching a movie or to just relax before bed, so I think I prefer a session vaporizer – I've never had an 'on demand'...
  3. J

    Vaporizer (V tower) upgrade

    Hi, Two-three years ago, I decided to quit (all) smoking and invest in a vaporizer. Having never previously used one, I wanted to start off with a unit that wouldn't break the bank, yet came highly recommended and with a good warranty. After much research, I settled on the Arizer V-tower, which...
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