1. TheFacter

    XMax Starry going out, what vape to go to from here?

    I bought the Xmax Starry about a year ago. 6 months into having it, I started having an issue where the battery door is messed up somehow and the battery only makes a connection if you apply force. I warrantied it, and now it's happened again. Instead of paying another $30 for the warranty, I'm...
  2. -dab8-

    Argo vs Starry 2 (or 3), vs...???

    So I’m looking at portable vapes. I have a few DynaVaps which I adore, but I’m curious about checking out a portable battery powered version. I DO have a splinter V1 on the way, but I plan to use that more for at home, and am looking more for an all in one unit. -My research thus far has led...
  3. cobra505

    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    So XMax Just came out with this unit called the Starry, looks pretty good. Thoughts
  4. A

    new to vaping and trying to decide on budget portable vaporizer

    Hi All, Been doing a lot of research to find the best value for the money on a dry herb vaporizer. Got the xmax starry and it got way too hot to hold, and the mouthpiece also got way too hot, and the vapor got very harsh at high temps. So I began looking at others. I narrowed it down to the...
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