1. mrbonsai420

    Tek Best way to refine Bubble Hash into Shatter

    Ok, So I have a lot of experience making my own concentrates. I no longer smoke or even vape flower often, I prefer strictly dabbing and pens now. Being in an area that concentrate was rare until recently I have gotten quite good at extractions. When I can get a better deal on flower I make my...
  2. R

    Qwiso Frustrations

    So I'm sitting here with my final product and its gooey as all hell at room temperature. Freezing it in a zip lock makes it to where I can handle it at least. The iso has completely been evaporated but it's still just.... goo. Although I smoked a bit and I am blazed, I'm disappointed in this...
  3. woolspinner

    QWISO - can I use same iso on add'l herb?

    All the instructions i have been finding seem to indicate only swishing one batch of herb with the iso, but is that because the iso cannot break down more or...some other reason? If I swish more than one batch of material, will it make the resulting concentrate stronger? We did some trim...
  4. MDabber317

    Questions and critique request on QWISO S.O.P.

    Greetings FuckCombusters, I'm new to the forum, and want to thank anyone who responds in advance. I'm posting to hopefully get some critique on my procedure and techniques and to get clarity on a few issues. I've spent hours reading this forum as well as others and realize there is some...
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