1. S

    Beam Flameless Torch by mrhotbox

    Beam Flameless Torch. It is a plug in induction torch, if I get it right. Maybe the future of dabbing. Definitely a way of spending alot of money. If you need to move or hand it around a group of people, it might be an advantage to have a "cordless" rig. I like the...
  2. stickstones

    Dr Dabber Switch (Induction Vaporizer)

    Hey guys...let me introduce you to the Dr. Dabber Switch! It's a cordless induction powered e-rig that vapes extracts and flowers. Heats up in around 3 seconds with the Ti nail and 10-12 seconds with the quartz nail. Zero hot spots anywhere except the nail itself, which is located in the...
  3. GreenHopper

    VapCap use with 3rd Party heaters

    Hi guys, Was gonna post this in the DynaVap thread but figured might as well start a fresh one. So to those lucky folk who have a VapCap, a Woodsents and an Induction Heater (JH, JHII, PS, SK), how do you like each of them? Does the Woodsents offer better airflow? Is the Induction Heater...
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