1. Mawd

    Whip tubing sizes and availability in Canada

    Hey all, Fairly new here so please feel free to lmk if I'm flubbing anything by making this post here. I've recently gotten into using a whip with my glass pieces, so nice. I rinse the tubing out each day and give it a good clean periodically but it's still getting gnarly. I've got a lady...
  2. nopapers_justvapors

    unusual connections

    Did you have to get creative in order to connect your glass parts? Used your adapters in an interesting way? Post pics here! I will go first 😁 18mm pre-cooler on 14mm bubbler: Knew I had to elevate the precooler because of the height difference between the two (14-18 adapter brings it up even...
  3. amexudo

    Hose / Whip bubbler MFLB Orbiter style

    Hi folks, I'd like to know if the Orbiter is suitable for a log vape instead of the MFLB. Anyone used? I saw videos with pax and other vapes.. And also what kind of alternative would do the same job, maybe something from dhgate less expensive than the Orbiter? Thanks in advance
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