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  1. vtac

    Lounge Moderation

    Let's talk about something controversial. Controversial Lounge topics! Politics, religion, you know the ones. In my experience this is one of the friendliest, most accommodating, and civil communities with the word "fuck" in the domain name. For the most part we all get along remarkably well and...
  2. vtac

    About This Section

    After a healthy amount of deliberation a decision has been made which will affect the discussion of counterfeit vaporizers here on fc. It's important to make the distinction between vaporizers that were closely styled after existing models (sometimes referred to as "knockoffs") and outright...
  3. vtac

    Community Discussion Info and Rules

    While going through threads for the new forums I noticed a fair number of fc related topics and it occurred to me that it might be nice to have a section for such discussion. We have a great community here so a place to help build and maintain it makes sense. Before starting though, it's...
  4. vtac

    CLASSIFIEDS RULES - Updated Regularly

    To make things easier this post is split into rules and guidelines. Breaking the rules may result in a warning, ban, and/or removal of classifieds privileges. Commonly broken rules are in red. Rules General The Forum Rules are in full effect here. Make sure you understand them. Only...
  5. vtac

    Medical Discussion Rules

    This section is here to promote discussion of the medicinal value of cannabis and to offer patients a place to discuss medical cannabis and related issues in a supportive, adult environment. Along with the general forum rules, please observe the following points at all times. Discussing ways...
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