1. P

    Discontinued Pandora Kit from Purple-Days

    Hi, this is Tom. Sometimes known as Purple-Days. The Pandora Kit: An American Cherry body turned, bored and lasered here in Port Orford. 100% RoHS compliant parts from USA suppliers. Plus other stuff you need. A data DVD with printable instructions, lots of captioned pictures and video...
  2. The Oracle

    Discontinued The Oracle Infrared Vaporizer

    BMInnovators Proudly Presents The ORACLE Meet The Oracle A 21st century take on Vaporizer technology, The Oracle is the first and only commercially available Infrared Vaporizer...
  3. vtac

    Discontinued The Extreme Vaporizer Thread Part II

    Ok, the last thread hit 10 pages, time for a new one! For those who don't know, the Extreme Vaporizer is a fairly new unit made by Canadian company Arizer, who you might remember as maker of the original V-Tower. It's quickly gaining popularity due to its wealth of features, build quality and...
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