convection portable

  1. Camouflet

    Camouflet Convector XL

    Hello FC, The Convector XL is here! With a wider and shallower chamber for even "one hit" extraction capability. Enjoy mini sessions and powerful rips. With a standard 14mm tapered mouthpiece it pairs perfectly with your existing glass. The XL design is the logical progression from the...
  2. Perfect_Speed4069

    Vaphit Quartz Cap -

    Very cheap, very effective little convection device. Deserves more love as an endearingly odd mashup of TRWWs Terpscle (the holes) and the Quartz Caps (the rest of it) (with maybe a dash of Camouflet Convector, too). Full kit with spares and a carry case for $14. Mentioned a couple of times...
  3. LesPlenty

    XVAPE Cheeh & Chong's Mambo

    CHEECH & CHONG’S MAMBO Flower Vaporizer – for dry herbs only The Mambo is a pocket-sleek, ultra-portable vaporizer that’s perfect for on-the-go use. It’s small but packs a punch and it heats up quickly, so you can enjoy a puff of your favorite herb whenever and wherever you like. The Mambo is...
  4. Abysmal Vapor

    Wand Vape a mechanical vaporizer by Black Leaf

    Hello guys ! I want to introduce you this little known flame powered vaporizer from Black leaf /Near Dark,appeared in 2020 . It costs just 45 euro and it works really good. I wanna thank Black leaf CS for sending it for free. I just wanted to find out how much is shipping to my country and there...
  5. XpeeN


    Seems like XVAPE gonna release another budget convection vape, check the official website for info. Looks interesting ngl.
  6. Shit Snacks

    (un-named) "portable dry herb vaporizer" on Instagram...?

    Seems like there is something coming from Asia?(China?), this Instagram account, posted some photos of some top-tier vapes (TetraP80, Firewood7, Tinymight, Mighty+) and now seems to be posting possibly similar prototypes of their own...
  7. Abysmal Vapor

    Pen Magnum 3 Convection Vaporizer by Puri5

    I know puri5 has mostly rebrands from Weecke and Focusvape ,but this one even though it is looking like it is made by Focusvape it is not in their inventory,so for now it is exclussive to puri5 . I was wondering if i should post about and finally got bored and decided to do it. Honestly it looks...
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