1. C

    Suspiciously clear "THC" vape juice

    Hi everyone at FuckCombustion forums. *** Bottom line, I got this suspiciously clear (colourless & cloudy) and I am wondering if it is synthetic. *** <Story> This is long enuf as it is, so I'll get to the point. I live in the UK where Cannabis has been...
  2. S

    Clear THC ejuice

    I have this ejuice that is totally clear, tastes like coconut (may be flavor added), its the same viscosity as VG or PG and its potent as hell, I mean like 2 decent puffs will put anyone in a 2 - 4 hour coma. I can buy this stuff in Australia but I have been looking for a recipe to make it...
  3. ganjapharma

    Clear Ptfe hybrid from Oilslick...what is it? Oilslick has a new Ptfe packaging that's clear. They say is modified with another similar fluoropolymer to make it clear and more nonstick. Got samples on the way figured I'd ask here too. Any ideas? .20 each is more than they charge for the...
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