1. ~Elizabeth~

    Suggestions for all quartz coil-less portable atomizer?

    Hello! This is my very first post on fuck combustion, and while l tried posting this in the portable vaporizer section l was told that l have insufficient privileges to post there (whatever that means)...hope posting this here works! (: My question is: does anyone have any suggestions at all...
  2. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs StemPod Si

    Hey FC fam, Dan from ModPod Labs here. I want to start out saying how much I appreciate everyone's support helping us prefund and launch StemPod, we couldn't have done it without you. Since we started selling, we have set out a plan for multiple products and accessories that we can address and...
  3. anglaylow

    Kandypens atomizers not lasting long

    I've been using Kandypens vapes for a few years now and have sworn by them but the atomizers don't seem to be lasting as long as they used to. I'm having an issue where the battery starts flashing every color after holding the button down for just a couple seconds, leaving me less than enough...
  4. S

    Good atomizer to use for concentrates with the Sigelei 75w TC

    Help me out guys. I did some research and found I'm liking the ceramic donut atomizer by Divine Tribe. Any thoughts? I don't want to oder something that will break in a week or produce nothing vapor wise. I'm not looking for an atomizer that produces dab like clouds unless there really is one...
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