arizer xq2

  1. M

    XQ2 Dosing Capsules?

    I've had an XQ2 for probably 6 months, mostly run through a V2 Orb, have the Ddave Onehitter mod and some shorter 18mm stems. As someone with low tolerance it's a great all day session vape with the whip, but I'm interested in dosing capsules. Any thoughts?
  2. D

    I just ordered the 18mm DDave mod kit for my XQ2

    Is there anything specific I need to know?
  3. J

    Which Vape- Arizer XQ2, Silver Surfer or (something in the $200 range)

    Hey , this is probably partly a repeat question although I could not find anything comparing these vapes beside by the manufacturer which I am sure will be bias. I am a long time Pax user, I started in 2012 with a Pax 1, now own a few Pax 3 units. They are great for when I am mountain biking or...
  4. BuzzDanklin

    Arizer XQ2

    Looks like we got a new version of the Extreme-Q. Everything looks pretty similar except they added a cap to the bag to seal in vapor. I imagine heat up times will be much faster and will see about the fill times/fan speeds. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to...
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