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  1. Moses Baca

    Dynavap VapCap

    It depends on your definition of carburetor. Technically a carburetor mixes air and fuel together so the way George describes using it is exactly a carb. With old stoner bong lingo a carb is simply used to clear the bong. So use it one way and it's a carb, use it differently and it's an...
  2. Moses Baca

    Dynavap VapCap

    Lots of ways to enjoy DV, that's the beauty. Try it out different ways and see what you like. I prefer blocked (or no carbs) on my DV's.
  3. Moses Baca

    Dynavap VapCap

    Yep, I agree with @Hippie. I've got all my M's blocked that way. Well, actually I added an additional o-ring because I have a bunch of extras. Same idea.
  4. Moses Baca

    Does the S&B Mighty perform better than the Crafty+?

    S&B says the Crafty+ and Mighty both have the same airflow, the Volcano and Plenty both offer more.
  5. Moses Baca

    Dynavap VapCap

    Stardust Sailor made the coolest Ti stems! Hope he comes back someday.
  6. Moses Baca

    Dab setup recommendations.

  7. Moses Baca

    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    @letter never sent - Wow, fantastic combo, I love it! Nice job!
  8. Moses Baca

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    That's amazing, congrats! I look forward to your thoughts after you've gotten to know it. I still love using mine, it's a fun piece.
  9. Moses Baca

    Making Draw Tubes... Flower Quince?

    These are so cool, I'm glad you're making more. Will you be offering any of these to the community? Sign me up!
  10. Moses Baca

    Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!

    Congrats @NexVision! And thanks @Delta3DStudios for a fun contest and cool accessories. I've bought a few and they all work great - I'm loving my new vape spittoon! :tup:
  11. Moses Baca

    Custom 3D Printed Vape Accessories - Delta 3D Studios

    Great idea, I look forward to seeing what you have to offer. my Vape Spittoon :tup:
  12. Moses Baca

    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    DP is at the top of my 'wants' list. But then I'll need a dab rig, too, so that's more $$. Someday.
  13. Moses Baca

    Custom 3D Printed Vape Accessories - Delta 3D Studios

    My vape spittoon arrived this afternoon. A simple design that works great. Nice job. :tup:
  14. Moses Baca

    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    Congrats! I've got both, too, and agree that it's great!
  15. Moses Baca

    MN lawyer?

    Check the NORML website. They've got a state by state listing - "Browse and compare lawyers on our National Legal Committee. Lawyers focused on marijuana defense and cannabis business law." Best of luck.
  16. Moses Baca

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Have you let TAG know your concerns? Maybe they can help you out. Sorry, I'm no help with the recycler.
  17. Moses Baca

    Behold... The Canadian Winter

    Love it. Easy to clean, too. :tup: And +1 on dry glass.
  18. Moses Baca

    Budget scoop and stir tool?

    Buy once, cry once. Get what you really want. You obviously understand that if you bought a BCG. @Delta3DStudios makes great stuff and is very active on this forum. I've got an order coming - it was supposed to be here Friday but USPS somehow delayed it, it should be here tomorrow. My VAS has...
  19. Moses Baca

    What lung to mouth exists 2020

    Mighty is simple to use and has very low draw resistance. I draw mouth to lung using my Dynavaps but direct into my lungs with my Mighty. I'm not a single hitter, I always finish my bowls. I've read that some people use the dosing caps for single hits. Others use a smaller load and put the...
  20. Moses Baca Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    I got my package today - woot, thanks! And my wife loves Swedish fish!
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