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  1. max

    Retailers with 420 sales

    We've had a few companies advertising 420 sales- Retailer Announcements
  2. max

    Pen Storm Vaporizer

    The Storm comes from, and is based on the X-Max V2, with some improvements. I believe it's the 1st vape here on FC brought to market by a retailer. The differences are sufficient to give it a separate thread. The biggest difference is an isolated vapor path. It's possible that the...
  3. max

    I ate all your Halloween candy

    Some of these kids are scary. Taking candy from a baby seems more risky than in the past.
  4. max

    Purple-Days availability

    Post info, comments, complaints, etc. here, and not in the PD thread. Posts made there concerning PD availability will be deleted. This thread also applies to discussion about eBay auctions, Craigslist, or any other way of obtaining a PD. ;) The wait time estimate on Vapenow's site is just an...
  5. max

    Sell your vape or accessories

    If you've got a vape or related accessory you no longer want, list the model and condition, any extras or missing parts, etc. (listing the price is optional). READ THE FOLLOWING RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD You must have 30 days membership and 10 posts to post in this thread.[/*] If you...
  6. max


    OK boys and ....hey, did you guys notice we ain't got no girls here? :/ I guess it's just us boys with the toys. :cool: Anyway, the VaporSnake - It bites. :rofl: Sorry, couldn't resist. I first saw the Snake on the Vaporstore site, and my reaction was :huh:. I knew it must be a decent vape...
  7. max

    Membership mile mark

    100 members! We're in the big time now. :lol:
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