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  1. C No Ego

    No body high

    it took some adjustments for me as 370 seemed the spot ... then I helped someone else find their sweet spot on the fury vape and 350 was it ... decided to try 350 myself and just stuck with it ... when flavor wears off after a few pulls then bump up temp... it does require more of a session...
  2. C No Ego

    No body high

    I start it at 350 F and then work up to 430 max temp to finish ... that initial flavor @ 350 for a little while is Why
  3. C No Ego

    NFC Washington State Cannabis News

    WTF does hippy have to do with Health ? Azadaratckin is made from Nem oil and is a pesticide ... it has been shown to cause cannabis hypermesis syndorme effects in first time users ... considered safe and organic ... maybe the people putting that on plants should dab some pure neem oil...
  4. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    the best way to stop the horrible drug cannabis ?= more cannabis . just name it differently and everyone will not know the difference anyway
  5. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    cloning will be a more similar genetic than growing from seed but phenotpyes will be different regardless ... biosynthetic cannabinoids made from yeast and e-coli will be the future of cannabinoid meds ... only shadetree cannabis entrepreneurs will have the wild types
  6. C No Ego

    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    using the glass in the bowl method keeps bowl cleaner , longer ... plus reduction of herbal material is a plus for many people as most over dose their weed and do not even know it... no other materials like silicone in the vapor air pathway too ETC.... the fact that the inserted glass is...
  7. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    indeed , plant breeders cloning from a mother plant is about as close as you can get on all that ... like Mother plants that have been growing and making clones for a long long time ...
  8. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    FDA approved Epidiolex and then a few months later DEA took it completely off of scheduling ... it is a cannabis plant tincture . a plant drug made from = you guessed it - WEED ! FDA is just going to hold up further progress as they silently approved GW pharma botanical drugs only in the...
  9. C No Ego

    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    Wow, so my replacement fury edge could be a V2 model . wow, did not even know it ... a 7 min timer sesh is a great idea
  10. C No Ego

    NFC Multiple Sclerosis

    yeah, the depolarization is the way the ligand ( lipid compound) travels backwards from post to pre synaptic . the cell cleaves phospatidylcholine/serine from the lipid bi-layer to form the endocanabinoid signal . when more overcitabilty occurs more cleavage happens to slow down the over...
  11. C No Ego

    DOES IT EXIST? - on demand, convection, portable, not a Grasshopper ... ??

    in all of life you just need it for Rocking Horse Shit ! Rock that Shit !
  12. C No Ego

    Want to Buy larger diameter older Fury2 glass attatchments , WPA, 3D flow stem

    looking for the older Fury2 glass attachments that were made with a larger circumference than the newer glass attachments allowing them to seat into the Fury herb chamber tighter and snugger .... these would be from about two years ago from 2017 to 2018 . if you have any Fury WPA or bent stem...
  13. C No Ego

    Multi-brand HEALTHY RIPS FURY

    I use a small funnel and drip the iso in there holding unit over a container to catch it ... after a while the iso will soak through the resin and dislodge it ... be careful not to touch the upper rim where the silicone is located ... iso will shrink it ... this is of issue if you use the...
  14. C No Ego

    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    Wow, just got my new upgrade edge and as it is a vast improvemnet over the fury2 the edge 2 must be even better ... Enjot it ! great vapes here, ease of use - use , all of it
  15. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    isn't Flu season over , like a few weeks back ... how the hell is a virus surviving heat now?
  16. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    marihuana is wild Mexican tobacco - Solanaceae family / nightshade cannabis is a herbaceous flowering angiosperm plant species in the cannabaceae family ... alcohol enforcemnet agency in America had no job after it was not prohibtited ... cannabis was targetsed, renamed to marijuana and the...
  17. C No Ego

    ...And We're Back

    I see a little three circle symbol that is " share this post" . maybe that one does it ... oh junk , that is for social media outlets ... yeah , it looks like it is the total forum post count being used . 1490801 is the # 55 showing ... your # 57 post is 1490813 ...
  18. C No Ego

    ...And We're Back @vapviking this is what shows when I copied and pasted your post #55
  19. C No Ego

    Cannabis News

    @florduh relying on jacked up price cannabis in a legal market that gets modeled after black market street cannabis pricing that is solely based off of harms of prohibition and tobacco is Shit ... States thinking they can charge over 20$ a gram to save their State and the constituents will...
  20. C No Ego

    Pregnant vaping?

    cannabis is dosage dependent . amounts matter ( literally solid matter) . only dumd stupid people blame potent cannabis as being to strong as cannot figure out how to dose correctly
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