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  1. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    I think we're all sick of the politicization of this pandemic. Can we please make a real effort to stop turning this into the Red vs Blue thread? Yes it's hard to find news articles that don't get into politics, especially with the way things are with a certain world power. That's one of the...
  2. vtac

    KandyPens Oura

    Based on the member reports (reported posts), and by reading recent pages of this thread it's clear that not everyone dislikes the product/company. Points have been made (more than once) and readers can make their own decisions based on the existing posts. Please respect the forum rules and...
  3. vtac

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    A banned member posting under a new account in this thread has been banned again and their posts have been removed. Some quoted responses have been left up. Thanks for the reports. :tup: This post may self-destruct in 24 hours. Unless I forget.
  4. vtac

    Hopper io

    Thanks for steering the thread back on topic. :tup: A Hopper io shipping discussion thread has been created to help.
  5. vtac

    Retailers posting in vape threads

    The OP is referring to retailers specifically. Back in the early days of this site a decision was made to keep promotional posts from retailers out of discussion threads. New online vape stores were popping up seemingly every night and many of them made accounts here with the hope of promoting...
  6. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    Apologies if you were offended by my post. That wasn't the intention. The post was made to clarify that this is a thread for COVID-19 news. Getting into conspiracy theory discussion is off-topic. As you can see it's already derailed the thread some. What you believe is certainly up to you. Note...
  7. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    I think it's important that people know there are covid-19 deniers. We can keep the post, but this is the covid-19 news thread. Scientific literature that questions what is thought to have been understood about covid-19 is of course welcome here. Blogs and articles from conspiracy websites...
  8. vtac

    The Weird Big Cloud Question

    Thanks. It's very much appreciated. Our forum rules have always implored: Do not state opinion as fact, we don’t want to spread misinformation. Please qualify your statements and provide references when making claims. We've had a number of threads on this topic over the years. I'll try to find...
  9. vtac

    CLASSIFIEDS RULES - Updated Regularly

    Not really a new rule, but added for the sake of clarity: Do not re-post your item unless the original thread is older than 90 days. If you want your item to sell quickly, consider listing it at an attractive price.
  10. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    Yes. @Tranquility I understand that you want to provide some alternative viewpoints here and do appreciate that your posts are eliciting some very thoughtful responses. Please try to match the caliber of these responses. Debating points that you disagree with should be done clearly and...
  11. vtac

    NFC Alpine 2020 - Induction Heater

    And please remember that we don't want or allow threads to be used as soapboxes for individual customer service issues. Generally speaking the rule is that you get one post to state your CS issue and the company gets one post to respond, if applicable. Thank you. :peace:
  12. vtac

    Covid changes

    I think that so far the 3 topical posts in this thread would fit in the original COVID19 thread. We can give this thread a few days to see if it's laser-focused and clearly warrants its own thread or should be merged. What we do not want is more divisive, politically-charged posts. Please. :peace:
  13. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    Politics are heavily affecting the US response to the pandemic, so some related discussion is inevitable here. Please do stay on topic though. It's easy to go down the rabbit hole in a hurry. I've been appreciating all of the insightful and civil discussion. It's helpful in making some sense of...
  14. vtac

    Read Vs. Unread Threads

    @Hippie 's suggestion is what I would recommend as well for viewing unread threads. @Summer Tweaking the color palette, specifically the yellow link color (it can be hard to differentiate from normal text too) is something that we will be doing. There's a pretty big forum software update coming...
  15. vtac

    Vaporizers To Be Banned In US Mail

    Re-posting this for more exposure. Originally posted by @PuffItUp Email from PuffItUp below: We don't usually do this But we truly need your help guys n gals. On Monday there is a Bill that will be voted on by congress. It passed unanimously in the Senate and gets sent to the House of Reps...
  16. vtac

    COVID-19 News

    To expand on this envision a highly contagious virus that caused you to urinate uncontrollably while also being spread through urine. Genital coverings would obviously help prevent people from getting pissed on. I wonder what the angle against wearing pants would be.
  17. vtac

    Image Attachments

    Looking at your account, you should be able to. Please PM me if it's still not working for you and we'll get it figured out. I have confidence in the developers of XenForo when it comes to the quality of code they produce. Less so for third-party add-ons in general since they can be created by...
  18. vtac

    Image Attachments

    Some image hosts remove geotags (with no guarantee). Some don't. If you want to be sure it's best to do it yourself and verify before you upload a photo to the internet. :2c:
  19. vtac

    Image Attachments

    Correct. More details are in the OP. :)
  20. vtac

    Image Attachments

    @cybrguy it can take up to 20 minutes after you've saved the profile option for the functionality to be active on your account. The next time you visit you should be all set. :)
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