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  1. arb

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I do not buy China glass for looks though I have gotten some very nice pieces. I buy them shits to break as I use them all day every day. I do not appreciate walking into a glass shop and seeing obvious China glass for American prices. China glass educated me to that shit before I was...
  2. arb

    Weed is not good for your heart, studies say

    "The mother of idiots is always pregnant." Nobody is reading beyond the clickbait headlines yo. 😾
  3. arb

    Weed is not good for your heart, studies say

    Follow the links to the"studies". Not a very thorough job studying or reporting. 😆
  4. arb

    AirVape legacy

    and here's your tracking number........lolz.
  5. arb

    StemPod by MPL

    The basket screen is the screen"cup"that comes with the si for a bowl not the one in the base of the unit itself.
  6. arb

    StemPod by MPL

    Wide open 60 watts 7 second warm-up no basket screen for massive,tasty clouds. 22 gauge kanthal 10 wraps at 25MM for coils reads at .28 on the aegis x.
  7. arb

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Boro runs the risk of risk of fusing being softer than quartz. Also far more likely to"dust"due to being softer seems like? That link is to a legit supplier so that is what you will get,they are the right size.
  8. arb

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    What is wrong with quartz?
  9. arb

    E-Nano from Epicvape

    Getting one now in a different wood will lessen that sting a LOT. 👍
  10. arb

    Underdog Log Vapes

    In hand and very nice job @underdog,@underdogette! Really like the nearly wide open draw a lot,that was a very pleasant surprise. Obviously beautiful with nary a blemish,excellent craftsmanship. Those nylon gongs and direct draw stems should be industry standard imo. Stickers are awesome as are...
  11. arb

    What did you press today?? Show us your ROSIN.

    I like the mix myself especially with Kieff rosins. 🤗
  12. arb

    What's what with Flowerpot offerings?

    A titanium cat Brander and lap blisterer?
  13. arb

    What did you press today?? Show us your ROSIN.

    Get the 12 ton unit if you can afford to. The larger plates alone make it worth the money imo.
  14. arb

    What style of vaporizing do you find most effective?

    I am in the crush it as hard as I can camp.......more of a lifestyle choice really. 👻
  15. arb

    Underdog Log Vapes

    Out for delivery..........time to go pee dance next to the mailbox. 😂
  16. arb

    Volcano vs EVO for concentrates?

    We use a Sequoia on a modbox with a small piece of whip as a mouthpiece when out and about. Definitely easier than flower!
  17. arb

    Volcano vs EVO for concentrates?

    You would be better served by a cheapo banger and torch though.
  18. arb

    Cooling stems for Splinter, Stempod, Tubo, Lil Bud, Mil

    Yes it will.
  19. arb

    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    I combusted the first couple times I tried to go big but I got it now. Angle the flame and steady draw,do NOT shoot the flame scraight in the intake.....lolz. Some iso on a Q-tip swabbed the smoke flavor out,good luck!
  20. arb

    The Vapbong from Art of vapor

    Indeed I did and mrs.arb just went to bed. 🤔 Still waiting on a large dreamwood order and a alpha dog so my ass is prolly gonna die. How much does that jewel weigh when filled with water?
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