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  1. kimura

    Completed Venus Helios (barebones)

    I'm continuing to try to find new homes for my neglected vapor gear. This is a bit of an oddball. The Venus Helios is a ridiculously powerful halogen bulb powered desktop. Unfortunately, all I have left for this unit is the core vaporizer itself. No power cord, no bowl, no glass globe or...
  2. kimura

    Completed NV Flowerpot setup (showerhead)

    Selling my Newvape Flowerpot Showerhead setup. I think this is a pretty well known device by now. It is staggeringly effective. Due to a number of unfortunate factors, mine has lately seen less use than it deserves. So I thought i'd put it out there and see if there was any interest. The...
  3. kimura

    Completed like new Solo 2 w/ 18mm WPA

    for sale is my lightly used Solo 2. I've owned it for about 6 months and have recharged it less than 10 times. it is in near perfect condition with no scratches or dings. Not much to say about the Solo 2 that hasn't already been said. It's a super reliable, totally consistent workhorse of a...
  4. kimura

    Completed Flowerpot stuff (panhead bowl w/ 18mm post + WA w/ SiC & quartz)

    For sale is my very lightly used Panhead bowl w/ 18mm post. They don't appear to sell this bowl anymore, but it's directly comparable to the Shovelhead w/ 18mm post which they sell for $50. I'm throwing in my 20mm wrap around nail with SiC and Quartz dishes as well, since I have basically...
  5. kimura

    What do you look for in a dry herb vaporizer

    I am a slightly obsessive flavor chaser so like convection devices that allow me to avoid cooking the load in between hits, and I need to be able to easily clean the bowl and vapor path
  6. kimura

    COVID-19 News

    @Tranquility There you go again dude. Another straw man. I never said Trump was racist. All I know is he acts like one. Maybe for the same reason GOP pays lip service to Christians. Who knows. But if you listen to all of his comments after Charlottesville together, in context, like I did...
  7. kimura

    COVID-19 News

    @Tranquility - all I see you doing here is demonstrating the tried and true tactic of creating a false equivalence. Same thing Trump did after Charlottesville. You argue that the existence of a few morons with a D next to their name somehow balances out the fact that the GOP platform has...
  8. kimura

    Tetra P80

    I get as much extraction as I want with the mV. take some strains to dark brown. I’ve tested it by tossing abv in the EVO or FP. it’s done. I’m hoping the P80 can do it faster though! Also I don’t stir or use the battery. Different strokes I guess, or maybe your mV has been broken for a...
  9. kimura

    COVID-19 News

    so... more densely populated areas are more vulnerable to covid-19 then less densely populated areas. real "hot take" ya got there
  10. kimura

    COVID-19 News

    nice strawman. who here is advocating for all public health orders to come from the Oval Office? It's an actual national emergency that demands a decisive, timely, and unified response. that's the nature of the threat. every man for them self is not a plan. of course Trump is incapable of...
  11. kimura

    Tetra P80

    better everything you say? I was lucky enough to sneak in an order for a custom P80 on the last drop. It’s been a while since I got a new vape and I am enjoying the anticipation tell me the TetraX P80 tastes even better than the miniVAP. I want to savor the VAS (vape anticipation syndrome) lol
  12. kimura

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    definitely reach out to Jorge @ Minivap and/or @stickstones and send your unit in for service. I've been a MV user since 2012 and have had a couple units fail and what you describe is how it happened for me. good news is that they are very good about honoring their warranty and you might just...
  13. kimura

    Vaping unground flowers

    Solo 2 (and 1 I suppose) actually works well with unground nugs. I break them up enough to remove the stems and then just cram them in there. Flavor is excellent. Session takes longer, but I like it. Maybe not the most efficient use of flower, but its a change of pace I think multiple...
  14. kimura

    Mighty vs minivap

    If you are talking home/desktop use, I prefer the minivap for a number of reasons. Flavor and efficiency are just better, and it requires almost no cleaning. My “cooling unit” is a boro j hook. But Mighty is much more convenient to use as a real portable outside/on the go.
  15. kimura

    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I went back and repeated the experiment, making sure to auto tune after switching coils/heads... I couldn’t reproduce my previous results. Both controllers and coils seem to perform within about 20 degrees (F) of each other. So I stand corrected! Speaking of which, I’ve also given the...
  16. kimura

    710 coils

    Just circling back regarding my little experiment getting a 710 axial coil to work with the newvape controller. It works! I am not an expert dabber, but this coil sure seems like a great product. Currently have it wrapped around a cheap 30mm banger and playing around with inserts. I can’t...
  17. kimura

    710 coils

    Thank you! Will report back with results
  18. kimura

    710 coils

    i am interested in finding out if it would be possible to wire one of these 30mm axial coils to work with my newvape controller. I have a 16mm newvape coil sitting around which I will never use again, so I could cannibalize it for the plug. Seems straightforward enough since they both have 5...
  19. kimura

    How vested are you in your vape-related paraphernalia?

    :rockon:Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome for me, they are tools that each have their own specific (but sometimes overlapping) application. it's about having the right tool for the job. there's also something to be said for variety, so you don't get too bored and go buy something. just like...
  20. kimura

    How vested are you in your vape-related paraphernalia?

    hooo boy. where to start. I'll just break it to you: based on this post, I'm 100% sure you are in the early stages of the condition we affectionately refer to around here as VAS. I too acquired it from an MFLB, back when it was a fairly new device. I was tasting the herb in a way I didn't...
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