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  1. Grim Chiclets

    Pipe vape

    I remember playing with my mom's hair dryer as a kid (I thought laminating stuff was the shit back then for some reason), and discovered I could cover the back end (intake end) with my hand to slow down the air chooching through- effectively letting the heat element get much much hotter (glowing...
  2. Grim Chiclets

    Sticky Brick Labs Favorite Munchies Contest!

    I just like curry - Indian, Thai, Bengali, doesn't matter - just love curry!
  3. Grim Chiclets

    VapePower: High Performance Vaporizer Batteries

    Just to follow up- Solo still won't charge using the adapter after sitting for about 2.5 months.. Might be time to look VAS in the eye..
  4. Grim Chiclets

    Weed You're Smoking Might Not Be What You Think

    This is why I largely ignore names (unless I know the originator of the strain), and go by consistency/smell/taste as well.. It's like clickbait.
  5. Grim Chiclets

    Other names for vapor/vaping

    I just say "I'm gonna grab my happy vappy", "vap", or "toke". Or sometimes when you're with a few friends you just have to pull out something like- "I mean this is fun and all, but don't you guys think someone should.. VAPE. WEED." At least once you'll get some hilarious hyperbole about how...
  6. Grim Chiclets

    True or False?

    Haha not sure if you saw me posting in some other thread long ago- but yeah true - [edit- this thread :doh:] I've been learning tricks all year to the detriment of my social life and bank account :rockon: NP likes to clean anything and everything while vaked? (that'd be a fine habit, eh?)
  7. Grim Chiclets

    True or False?

    From what I've heard, that's true.. Also haha I first read that as you had a period for a couple of years :rofl: NP is a Trekkie?
  8. Grim Chiclets

    VapePower: High Performance Vaporizer Batteries

    Am I missing something? I made a pack from 2 LG HG2s that I never used, and the Solo was totally killing it.. then I noticed it wouldn't charge up at all (if i vaped 'til it said 5, it'd stay at 5 for a long time, with the charge LED ironically draining the battery..) Do I need to wire some kind...
  9. Grim Chiclets

    Noob question, Im clearly using concentrates wrong :(

    Completely forgot to ask this... Also kinda funny- I tried to like your post twice @Baron23 :lol:
  10. Grim Chiclets

    Noob question, Im clearly using concentrates wrong :(

    I think @herbivore21 meant V V or Variable Voltage haha I would assume you have better control using wattage mode, though; no? :shrug:
  11. Grim Chiclets

    Noob question, Im clearly using concentrates wrong :(

    It looks to me like you're right; in that you're inhaling way too fast! It seems the oil is melting, pooling in the middle, and then being splattered all over the chamber by too much air too quickly- as the air (if i'm not mistaken) comes from under the donut. If you've ever used an older eGo...
  12. Grim Chiclets

    hobbies under influence

    While skateboarding- I find lighter dosages help my focus; but larger doses hinder me severely with coordination/precision, energy, and commitment (90% of skating). On the other hand- I find myself much more creative and comfortable playing guitar while sleep deprived and or heavily stoned...
  13. Grim Chiclets

    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    It's amazing, no other way to put it! If you're thinking about playing it- I highly recommend you take the plunge! It's one of those games you'll sink your life into for a few weeks though.. I've been in an MMO black hole with Riders of Icarus.. probably gonna crawl back to WoW though since...
  14. Grim Chiclets

    TV Shows - General Discussion

    Haha fair enough, you could always pull the "wait a couple seasons and binge watch" maneuver!
  15. Grim Chiclets

    TV Shows - General Discussion

    Dark Matter season 2 starts tonight! I feel like the only person who watches it! haha I am pretty excited for Mr. Robot as well :rockon:
  16. Grim Chiclets

    Anyone used a Sploofy or Smoke Buddy?

    Get a gas mask filter from an army surplus store! They're designed to filter smoke, debris, and various poisonous gases- and work wonders with smoke/vapor! Usually these Russian ones are the cheapest IME around $5- and actually work the best, as they're stuffed to the gills with activated...
  17. Grim Chiclets

    Easiest portable vape for self-medication

    Just like everyone else- I fell in love with my MFLB- and after a couple months I got the Solo, which became the daily driver. The taste for me is a big plus, as it's unique; when you're hitting it there's some convection, but when it's sitting it's still conducting a bit of heat, and I...
  18. Grim Chiclets

    Should THC e-liquid be transparent?

    I mean, It's probably safe, assuming the starting product and materials are good and it doesn't taste like chemical soup or irritate you in ANY way- but of course if you can't find out how it was made, there's no way to know for sure.. It sure would be nice if someone more experienced would ring...
  19. Grim Chiclets

    Should THC e-liquid be transparent?

    Haha no problem :tup: If you're used to smoking by the way, vaping a concentrate (even fairly weak (compared to a like.. 90% shatter)) should put you on your ass! Now I know it's not the best practice, fellow veteran FC members- but often I 'test' a lot of concentrates on how pure/mild the...
  20. Grim Chiclets

    Should THC e-liquid be transparent?

    What that sounds like to me, is that the guy tried to use VG to extract straight from the herb, and that the terpenes are nearly the only thing that came out of it, with maybe a bit of cannabinoids. The white spunk, I used to see a lot doing alcohol extractions, and is comprised of terpenes and...
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