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  1. Cotobei

    Brilliant Cut Grinder Shipping Thread

    Got my shipping notice today as well!!!! Ordered April 14th full sky blue with medium plate. Can’t wait to receive mine!!!
  2. Cotobei

    Should I get a session or on demand vape?

    I live in Canada so now it’s legal. I’m looking for flavour and most of the time I’ll be using it at home but sometimes bring it to my friend s place to share with one or two friends but mostly I’ll be the only one using it on regular basics. For the hits I’m not sure yet if I’ll do one hit here...
  3. Cotobei

    Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

    Hi everyone, I’m 31 from Montreal, Canada. Since Canada legalized weed recently, I’ve been looking at forums to educate myself more on Vaping. Looking to buy my first vape but don’t know which one to get. I’ve been smoking rolls and never tried vaping. So hopefully I’ll be able to find and...
  4. Cotobei

    Should I get a session or on demand vape?

    Hi guys, New to the forum, I’m still debating on my first vaporizer to buy. Don’t know if I should go for a session or on demand vaporizer. I’m looking at the Davinci IQ or the Ghost MV1. Which one should I buy for my first vape? Thanks!!!
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