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  1. mrbonsai420

    Puffco Peak Rebuild Kit by Mr. Bonsai

    Broken Peak Atomizer? We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster, hotter. After almost a year of rebuilding Puffco Peak atomizers for myself and my friends, I decided to sell these to the public a while back. I figured I would...
  2. mrbonsai420

    Puffco Peak Atomizer Rebuild Heaters! $8 Each!

    Puffco Peak Atomizer Rebuild Heaters! 5x for $40 With a free rebuild jig and tutorial. I can show you how to quickly and easily rebuild your old, broken Peak atomizer to better than new! Can be found here also. Mention the fact that you are an FC member and I throw in extra stuff because I...
  3. mrbonsai420

    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Ok, So this one is a little different. As my friends here know I have switched my methods of medicating over the years from vaping flower to dabbing, now I only use concentrates daily and flower on occasions my VAS has switched to dab rigs, enails, erigs, and portable concentrate pens...
  4. mrbonsai420

    Source XXL atomizers

    Hi!, I know a lot of you are like me and tried everything under the sun before settling on your daily driver. Well I know the Source hasn't been everyone's favorite, but my friend has one and I want her to try the Source XXL nails to see if they make her experience better. She has the XL nail...
  5. mrbonsai420

    Tek Best way to refine Bubble Hash into Shatter

    Ok, So I have a lot of experience making my own concentrates. I no longer smoke or even vape flower often, I prefer strictly dabbing and pens now. Being in an area that concentrate was rare until recently I have gotten quite good at extractions. When I can get a better deal on flower I make my...
  6. mrbonsai420

    NICE Windows Computer for Newvape flowerpot, Mighty, or US glass

    I actually would like to trade a nice Windows PC's laptops and desktops! (I have several ranging from $250 refurbs to $2k new machines) for a Newvape flowerpot and/or Mighty. And maybe some glass or other vapes if you want a nicer computer to sweeten the deal. If you need a nice windows...
  7. mrbonsai420

    Grav Labs 7" bubbler 3 Etched Label $55 Shipped

    Grav Labs 7" bubbler 3 Etched Label $60 Shipped Great oil rig, bubbler, or vapor rig. 14mm These retail for $70, selling for $45+ $10 shipping = $55 Total https://dankgeek.com/products/grav-labs-upright-bubbler-7
  8. mrbonsai420

    Grav Labs 9" Blue Label Bubbler $65 shipped

    Genuine Blue Label Grav Labs 9" 5 hole showerhead bubbler. 14mm comes with a cone bowl. Would make a great dab rig or vapor bubbler. Retails for $85, selling for $55+ $10 Shipping = $65 Shipped https://www.420science.com/products/grav-labs-upright-bubbler-tungsten-showerhead-clear
  9. mrbonsai420

    Grav Labs 8" beaker tube with 3 hole perc. $70 shipped

    This is a GENUINE black label Grav labs beaker tube with a 3 hole perc. It comes with the Pinch bowl. Banger for reference only but if you need one I can help you out (or DHgate is a good place) . It would make a great vapor tube for vaporizers or oils. Very cool new style ice pinch in the neck...
  10. mrbonsai420

    Mighty or other Great portable and vape pen

    Well, I was pretty much set with my portable situation. I had a Mighty, a Milaana, a Haze v3, and a DT 3.0 vape pen with a Evic Mini Vtwo. Well long story short they were ALL stolen and now I have none of those. I am looking to replace at least the Mighty and DT vape pen. So if you have...
  11. mrbonsai420

    Grav Labs Bates x Worm Outside diffusion pump rig $125

    New Grav Labs Bates x Worm Outside diffusion pump rig $125 Comes with a Grav labs domeless quartz. This thing is flavortown if you haven't tried one. Here's a video of the action as well. Retail on these is $150 I paid $126.99 Asking $125...
  12. mrbonsai420

    PRICE DROP New Genuine Grav Labs 7" Bubbler 3 Hole Dab rig $60 Shipped!

    This is a brand new, in the box Genuine Grav labs 7" upright bubbler. It features a 3 hole flavor saver perc great for oil and flower. It also comes with a Grav labs pinch bowl not that a lot of you will use that part! If you would rather have the Purple Label one, rather than the scientific...
  13. mrbonsai420

    Hemping Red Elvis Klein

    EDIT: SOLD!!! As a lot of you already know I bought a few of these and I have 1 extra Red Elvis Klein. These are $130 + Fees and Priority shipping will be around $150 This is the only one like this I will be selling, the second one I will be keeping. I know several people were interested in...
  14. mrbonsai420

    Omnicharge Portable Powerbank

    Ok, this might not look like much to you. Just another batter pack on a crowd funded site. Well that may be true but this one could be a game changer for some of you vape and enail enthusiasts!! I already have the last crowd-funded powerbank with an AC adapter, the Chargetech 27,000mah. And it...
  15. mrbonsai420

    CCA Liger banger V3.0

    This isn't so much of a review but just getting the ball rolling on the CCA Liger banger V3.0. I am sort of the "Lead" (and first) member of the Beta team, my first beta model was the Turtle banger followed by the V1 Liger so I have been working with Josh for a while now. He is not only a stand...
  16. mrbonsai420

    Haze V3 Grey Like New with all accessories $140 shipped!

    Haze V3 Grey Like New with all accessories $140 shipped We have A LOT of Vapes at our house. And the Haze V3.0 is one of our favorites! It's actually the one that helped me Fuck Combustion for good as well! That's probably why we ended up with 3x Haze V3.0's :lol:. 1 was my daily driver for a...
  17. mrbonsai420

    Help me pick a new toy for my birthday

    OK, I want a new toy for my birthday. Either a Milaana pre-order or a fun butane powered vape! So this or a Lotus guys that have both! I will want to use it 50/50 through a water pipe and dry. Which is better?
  18. mrbonsai420

    Pax 1 Charger

    The Pax is my only battery powered portable at this time and I lost the charger on vacation. If anyone has a charger but no longer has their Pax I'll buy it from you, just message me. Thanks,
  19. mrbonsai420

    NIB Portable E-nail with WORKING Bubbler G9 Henail $135 (Dabado, Bolt, Dabbie, Et.)

    I have a brand new Henail portable enail for sale. These are fantastic new portable concentrate devices. You can check out the thread about them here. http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/new-portable-h-enail-with-built-in-glass-bubbler-by-green-light-vapes.19635/ They work great and this is...
  20. mrbonsai420

    New Portable H Enail with built in glass bubbler by Green Light Vapes

    I have been looking for a portable enail solution for a while. I am never fully satisfied with my pens and carrying around a bong and torch is a bit cumbersome (and not so smart).Anything with a "coil" seems to have a fine line between vaporization and combustion and rarely gives dab sized hits...
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