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  1. vaporcloud

    Hey FC brothers.

    Just popping in to say high to my vapping bros and to let you know I'm still around and still vapping. Not consuming quite as much as I use to but still keeping my PD(s) and vaporite cranking when I have a stash. Have had a good contact for and getting sweet deals for $50 so its been a bit of...
  2. vaporcloud


    :party: :party: :party: Its here ... lets hope its a good one! I toast a bowl to 2009 and fuckcombustion :cheers:
  3. vaporcloud

    Merry Christmas Vappers

    ** 07:30 25/12/2008 ** The first FC member to see Christmas Day. Shit I swear I saw Santas trail as he heads for Australia :lol: Its been a fucken fantastic year of vapping, and this community rocks! Hope you all over indulge to the max - eat - drink - and vape. I'm looking forward to many...
  4. vaporcloud

    In the US ... what do you say on Christmas Day?

    In NZ we still very much celebrate Christmas. Perhaps not so much in the pagan tradition or as a shrine to Christ being born etc ... but we still say Happy Christmas, merry Christmas and all that shit. Happy Holidays just doesn't cut it for us ... and we are a pretty multi culture society but...
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