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  1. Hippie

    Looking for a 12 volt plug-in heavy hitting vape for camper/RV

    8 - 15W max You could power a buck boost controller from a wide range of sources that you could charge with the solar
  2. Hippie

    Herbie V2 by Vape Engineering - 510 dry herb vaporizer

    The lil bud (and its siblings) had a version of Alan's spiral mesh coil too https://fuckcombustion.com/threads/lil-bud-by-vapwood.25789/page-99#post-1349236 I don't think I've seen any longer ones than these on sale https://www.fasttech.com/p/9665849 I've always thought we should be able to...
  3. Hippie

    What does the ground in an enail wand do?

    Yes ... and a few other undesirable possibilities
  4. Hippie

    What does the ground in an enail wand do?

    I've not taken one apart but I'd say it should attach to the metal handle part as I have taken a few soldering irons apart (which are very similar things) and the earth wire goes to the metal around the heater to protect the user in case there's a short
  5. Hippie

    The Advanced Telemetry Module by REFC Labs - The world's first advanced precision & multi-core capable desktop heater controller

    I use them with all my buck boost controllers I'm a little surprised REFC hasn't included some provision for one in the design to be honest And think a higher rated rocker switch in the housing would be a better option
  6. Hippie

    The Advanced Telemetry Module by REFC Labs - The world's first advanced precision & multi-core capable desktop heater controller

    Add a switch ??? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Extension-Switch-switch-Cameras-Connector/dp/B07CFWG3DJ
  7. Hippie

    DiY glass symphony

    Nice builds :tup: Really pleased to see a few more DiY Glass Symphonies on the board Yes (well no actually but I know what you mean :) ) In the listings they say it's a K type thermocouple You could test that if you wanted Holding the > button for a few seconds on start-up will auto tune...
  8. Hippie

    Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma by QaromaShop

    I've not got one to check but I would probably just wrap the quartz with a strip of aluminium kitchen foil to fill the gap
  9. Hippie

    510MOD - A portable banger!

    I like this idea :tup: Good luck with the project Looking forward to seeing more Surprised nobody makes a 510 extension to get around the weight and balance issue. I feel a lot happier using 510 weed atties on glass with my homemade one. Maybe an accessory you could do with a matching wooden...
  10. Hippie

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    Before moving on to temp control I would test the mod and Zed by finding your preferred wattage setting and usage method first For me that's about 35w with an initial pre heat of about 5 seconds
  11. Hippie

    Liquidizer vs. own PG/PEG mix

    I'm seeing a few differences between the products off the shelf to do this. Does anyone know what's in the auto winterizer and dewaxer liquids you get with the vapeur extract for example? According to their blurb you mix it, leave it to separate upto 24hrs then push it through a filter on the...
  12. Hippie

    Please help me..... splinter, rx200s

    I like the TCR at about 125 for my Splinters If using sur_myevic I recommend enabling the sweet PID in vaping>algo Set to 360F ish and have a draw or 3 and increase or decrease the temp to get an idea of how far off your settings are. To adjust from there you can increase and decrease the...
  13. Hippie

    What box mod are you using / recommending for on-demand convection 510 vapes?

    Fasttech have had shipping issues with the authorities being extra strict with e-packets to UK and US going through Beijing since the 20% off sale at the end of May I've got 3 parcels that I'm not sure if they've left China after 2 weeks in the mail system. I'm not too worried tho as they've...
  14. Hippie

    What box mod are you using / recommending for on-demand convection 510 vapes?

    Yay AutoFire The max duration is 60 seconds :| I like the timers for it in the foxy and circle skins Shame it's not long enough for G43 sessions but it's plenty of time for a couple of bong hits with other 510 vapes :clap::tup:
  15. Hippie

    Vivant Vault Giveaway Contest???

    I received mine after a few pms with Jojo (2 months after winning) It's pretty good Thank You Vivant
  16. Hippie

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    @Radiohead You can decrease the TCR and/or the locked resistance to decrease the temp of the coil without decreasing the temp shown onscreen. I would ... Decrease the locked resistance in 0.001 increments 'til you're happy Or decrease the TCR 'til you're happy Or a bit of both And Increase...
  17. Hippie

    Discontinued G43 and SledGhammer

    Thanks for the heads up about the 4mm tubes (added to my watch list for now) I like the idea of running a leg up the centre to insulate it. Glass beads with holes through the centre are only a few pence more than the solid beads and make great insulators too.
  18. Hippie

    Discontinued G43 and SledGhammer

    https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/4306/the-g43-vaporizer-official-thread/p4 I count 16 And also know it comes to about .85 ohms Soooo you should be able to work it out from that :) (don't forget the tails btw) I saw the bundles of 50 German glass rods on the auction site, was really...
  19. Hippie

    Discontinued G43 and SledGhammer

    I'd go with Kanthal heating wire if you're planning on only using wattage mode like Bud n Hazel The steam-engine.org calculators may be useful to you to calculate wire material, thickness and how many wraps you need. May I ask where you found a 4mm glass rod please. I could only find 5mm...
  20. Hippie

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    Contact the seller 1st as they should offer to swap it for a new one by the sounds of things
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