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  1. djonkoman

    ring of glass stuck in gong-joint

    monday I dropped a plant sprayer on top of my bong. result: downstem broken, upper part came off(stuck to herborizer bowl, the herborizer bowl was still intact but I broke that too trying to get the stuck downstem-part off). the rest of the downstem was stuck in my bong, with nothing sticking...
  2. djonkoman

    heavy hitter plug in recommendations?

    I've been away here for a while, and haven't been following which new vapes came out since. now VAS is setting in a bit again. what I'm missing is a nice heavy hitter vape I think. I'm just past the peak of my harvest season, so plenty of weed available, so I don't need it to be efficient. just...
  3. djonkoman

    the smell of weed(and my weird sense of smell)

    I was wsondering if any of you can describe the smell of weed. the reason I'm asking is because lately weed smells different as it did before, but not all the time. first a little intro: I think I've mentioned my not-so-good sense of smell before. when I started smoking weed, I never smelled...
  4. djonkoman

    did anyone wish for a white easter?

    because I got one: picture was taken this morning, ironically we didn't have a white christmas and most snow is already gone again
  5. djonkoman

    things I find in my bong

    this morning. after waking up and getting dressed, I sat down in my chair and grabbed my bong from next to me, like a nice saturdaymorning. but after I looked at it, I decided to get some clean water first:
  6. djonkoman

    sagan about weed

    just encountered this article, interesting read. plenty of it I don't recognise(mostly the flashes and seeing images, I guess he was an imagethinker, although sometimes if I was high and almost asleep I did get very lively imaginations, in image) but what I do certaibnly recognise is those 2...
  7. djonkoman

    only 1 day christmas?

    something I was wondering about a few days ago, and this is probably a good place to ask. around this time there are plenty of christmasmovies and christmasepisodes on tv, most of them made in the US. and what strikes me about all those american refernces to christmas, is that christmas seems to...
  8. djonkoman

    looking for suggestions what I can look at under a microscope

    I have a icroscope for a while already(got it from my grabdmother, she had 2 since my grandfather used to have one too when he was still alive), but I didn't have the glass slides, so my options with it were limited, it was usefull for checking the ripeness of trichomes tough. now I got the...
  9. djonkoman

    mite in my bong

    I was just vaporbonging, my UD has warmed up, first bonghits of the day. still some partly vaped hash leftover from last night, so not very dense vapor. then, while looking at the light vapor filling the glass, I saw something move. I keep looking at at as I hit, it''s a small white dot that is...
  10. djonkoman

    sleeping without pillow

    I recently switched to sleeping without pillow, wondering if there is anyone else preferring to sleep without it. backstory of how it happened: recently I've started having pain in my back sometimes, not my lower back but between my shoulderblades, had before that sometimes I suddenly have pain...
  11. djonkoman

    vape advice for a friend

    one of my friends is thinking of buying a vape, and I'm trying to help him with wich vape to buy, so I ask your help in giving him advice. he says he's looking for a whipvape, something that plugs into an outlet and he can hit it without touching the vape itself, just the whip he has used my...
  12. djonkoman

    welcome to fuck...

    I just noticed that on the menu the threadtitle 'welcome to fuckcombustion' gets displayed as 'welcome to fuck...' since it's too long :lol:
  13. djonkoman


    anyone else here noticed effect of weed on being crosseyed? I myself do but have never heard of someone else with the same except one on a forum that doesn't exist anymore little background on my condition: according to my parents, until I was 3 there was nothing wrong with my eyes then I...
  14. djonkoman


    let's discuss politics! I'll start of with some info on the parties and present political situation in the netherlands, there could be some errors because altough I like politics, I don't follow it that closely, I have the general idea tough, and I'll look up some things on wikipedia to add or...
  15. djonkoman

    let's talk baldness

    just looked in the mirror an noticed my hairline is receding(only noticable whe I hold my hair back, I have middle-long very thick/full hair) I don't really have a problem with it,well the phase where there is a bald spot on top but not fully bald yet will probably suck, for the rest I actually...
  16. djonkoman

    vape in the new aqua teen hunger force(aqua unit patrol squad) episode

    just downloaded the newest aqua teen hunger force/aqua unit patrol squad episide and watching it now, at a little before 8.58 there's a vape:p (the mooninites use it as a weapon and only say 'this is a vaporizer' , not that it is for weed/inhaling, but it's clearly our kind of vape)
  17. djonkoman

    relaxing on a sunny day

    last friday it was nice and sunny, so I found a nice spot in the city by the water and vaped a bowl: trippy to watch the sunny spots dance on the water with halfclosed eyes: one side(opposite to the pic with my VG) and the other side, above the VG so, are any of you already enjoying the...
  18. djonkoman

    wich edibles to make

    the short version: wich edibles could I make with ABV that are delicious and have a good effect, and that have a decent shelf-life and look decent too? preferably not too conventional(so no cake or brownies, especially no cake since spacecake is THE edible here) I was thinking of weedchocolate...
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